lots and lots

So it’s been a rather up and down past ten days but I think my optimism is finally reasserting itself.

Some good news:

1) My evolutionary interests are reasserting themselves thanks to finding cool new evolution/science blogs with lots of intelligent people (see: Pharyngula, evolgen)

2) More music love (post to follow shortly), and I’m going to try and begin a weekly “column” on music in case my brother decides to actually revive his mostly defunct web review site.

3) Chicago was a lot of fun and it was good to reunite the “fearsome foursome” although the loss of La Pasadita was a fell blow indeed.

Bad news:

1) I’m single again (I think — late developments have made this process slightly more ambiguous or at least opened the possibility that my status may change again soon)

2) I spent the weekend in bed reading old cliche’d (not sure how to make that a word) fantasy books and eating bad junk food

3) I’m broke. Nothing relating to this website but more the fact that cars are expensive and such. Oh well