May music compilation

So, I am part of a group that puts together music that each member is listening to of late. May is my month so I am trying to put together my compilation for the group. It should be accurate and yet there is a little drive to impress.

So far, my hypothetical CD goes as follows (I might sidebar this so I don’t just keep posting variations):

there isn’t an order yet (or even a song since I’m at work)

The Evens
The Magnificents
The Wrens
Comets on Fire
The Neins
Helio Sequence

Other possibles:
Vienna Teng (sf area folk-ish piano)
Joanna Newsom (sf area fok-ish harp)
Loquat (extra sf local, pop-ish)
Pearl Jam (to remind people they exist)
Blur (alternate band for the same reason)
British Sea Power

I am still looking for a few more songs so if anyone wants to tos an mp3 my way, feel free.

2 thoughts on “May music compilation”

  1. first of all, i totally dig the evens, and I’d recommend either “around the corner” or “blessed not lucky”
    second of all, i’d go with blur, although PJ totally rocks no matter what anyone says. third of all, i totally dig +/-‘s “i’ve been lost”
    fourth of all… (sorry i’m drunkish) have you heard the bloc party album? i can’t quite tell if it’s your style, but i’d be willing to bet you’d dig it if you don’t already.
    ach. get back to me 🙂

  2. I went with The Evens song “It’s all downhill from here” because I like the conceit of the title leading into the heart of my CD.

    I am still planning to go back throught my Blur collection – I’m thinking Charmless Man because that song was an old favorite but maybe more of a B-side (or follow that with a song off the new Gorillaz CD)

    The problem with The Bloc Party is someone included them last month. Otherwise I’d be all over that.

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