song 2

Song 2 for this CD is giving me a lot of trouble. I re-listened to the Jazzanova that I have and nothing there is quite what I’m loking for. In fact, I think I’m moving Jazzanova down to where the six organs/tortoise song was.

So much so that I really want to just use the Blur song “Song 2.” However, I think that song is still a little to recent to get away with that — meaning not old enough to get “retro” points and not quite new enough to be current. Here are my current thoughts:
1) Chinese song –> I have some Chinese folk songs available and one or two, “Racing Horses” especially, is rather fast and a longtime personal favorite
2) The Magnificents –> Digital Dirt or Blueprint — both are pretty uptempo and might make pretty good uptempo songs, I’m just not sure how they’re going to transition from some jazz-rock trumpet wailing
3) Pearl Jam –> go back to(one of) my favorite album(s) and the one that seemed to mark the end of a love affair for the world. “Spin the Black Circle,” “Not for You,” “Whipping.”

that’s all for today