Another resolve, same as the last

I was reading the whole “nice guys finish lastblog theme/meme today and I was reminded of two things: 1) I have let myself become a little too much of an observer and not enough of a participant in life and 2) a little confidence will take you a long way.

So, I am on (yet another) attempt to be more pro-active, not even with regards to dating (as I am still on the fence as to whether I am ready to get back on that horse [and yes, that is a deliciously twisted metaphor]) but with, happily, possibly, with regards to this blog and also with my grad school aspirations and everything else. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Just in case this gets some kind of random dating hits though, I will admit that my weakness (I am sure it is a result of some Midwestern patriarchal bias but too late to fix that now) is long, straight hair. Other than that, I think I am open to pretty much any female characteristic. And, also, I haven’t even managed to date a woman with said characteristic for many years.

[Update] Sorry, still no actual blog substance yet. I really need someone to bounce ideas but while I have had a few nibbles on the contributor side there are no actual takers.

One thought on “Another resolve, same as the last”

  1. Dating is a WEAKNESS!!!
    Dude, my weakness is tall women. In the entire range of my dating life, two women have met that requirement. All of the others girls/women have been what I would call short. Short girls like tall guys and tall girls can’t dance. The former is probably a daddy thing and the latter is probably a result of their rampant growth in junior high and the male reluctance to dance with Sasquatch.

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