I thought summaries were a good idea

I thought it would be nice to have summaries but didn’t realize they defaulted onto every post. I now have some faint idea of how to implement them correctly but it will probably require a free weekend before that happens. So I will turn them back off for the time being.

Due shortly:
1) A sumary of the Rogue Wave and Helio Sequence concert. I’ve explained it to most people who are inteerested but let’s get it down for the record (short answer: excellent)
2) China Mieville: I just read his Perdido St. Station and re-read The Scar.

2 thoughts on “I thought summaries were a good idea”

  1. I need to reread The Communist Manifesto and then think about those books and how that might influence my opinion of them. It may just give me more ammo for my China Mieville promo-gun. I really liked the ‘Iron Council’ by him. It akes place about 5-20 years after the events of Perdido St. Station. Anybody who likes China Mieville wil also like Neal Stephenson.

  2. Well, Neal Stephenson pre-“I write really frickin’ long books for no apparent reason other than to include an enourmous number of completely irrelevent asides that show how amazingly intelligent I am.” Snow Crash and Diamond Age are absolutely phenomenal. One more Cryptonomicon, though, and I might have to strangle the twit. Or, at least, give me a breather book between those.

    On a mostly unrelated Stephenson note, I’d like to announce that I totally called the trilogy while reading Cryptonomicon. I turned to Alex and said, he’s gonna write a book on Liebniz, that crazy SOB.

    And yet, no mention of monads!

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