It’s better than catblogging

It’s the Friday random 10.

I’ll adopt it too. Here’s 10 random songs that I have on my computer that get selected after pressing the magic shuffle button:

1. The Dead Milkmen – Lucky –> Well, I like The Dead Milkmen but this song doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular so I’ll say (5/10)
2. The Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less and Less –> OK, OK, so this song is just about as ’80s as it gets but I love it but it’s the first song off the album so they’re still in higher-octane mode (5/10)
3. The Wrens – Happy –> I really love them but they’re better live (I think) this song is too slow for too long (4/10)
4. Son Ambulance – Like a Friend –> Well, from slow to pseudo-folk. Meh. (3/10)
5. Comets on Fire – Organs –> Ahh, some crazy experimental rock. With an organ. I give it 4/10 though because it’s really just a transition piece and not awesome unfortunately.
6. The Thrills – Deckchairs & Cigarettes –> They’re Irish but they have an album about California and they’re, um, kind of boring. Why did I buy this CD? Oh yeah, cause it was cheap and I kept seeing their name on concert posters. (2/10)
7. Xiu Xiu – Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version) –> when your genre is avant-garde, you get an automatic +1. And then I just don’t have enough songs about penises. And I can use it to redeem the last song (kind of) so, hey, it gets an 8. (8/10)
8. The Raveonettes – Love in a Trashcan –> This one’s for Pedro. danish surf-rock with feedback. Plus I’ve seen ’em live. So hey, have a 7. (7/10)
9. Chinese Artists – The Loving song of Kangding –> Um, yea, so I have this whole China fetish (if you hadn’t noticed). It’s not a bad song but it’s nothing overwhelming. It would get more points if it was any other culture cause then you’d be suprised. (4/10)
10. Hot Hot Heat – Goodnight Goodnight –> Yay. Ok, so maybe they’re kind of commercial but it’s good solid pop and he’s telling this girl to kiss off. Something I wish I could do, so 9/10

Highly personal average: 5.1 out of 10.

And that’s with only songs I’ve liked in the last six months.

Have a good weekend. I don’t know if I’ll manage to post then

One thought on “It’s better than catblogging”

  1. CDs I took to my most recent job:
    Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here (still awesome); Paul SImon, Graceland (back off, it speaks to me on a subconcious level, but it gets weird when my subconscious tries to talk back); Ska Spelled Backwards (I owe you a copy of this.); The Pietasters Oo Loo Loo (DC!); The Chemical Brothers Singles 1993-2003 (better than coffee); Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin (Onlyy man who could sing a christian anthem and not make you want to kill him); Six String Samurai soundtrack (weird and good movie, same goes for soundtrack, if you like ’50s and ’60s guitar); Pink Floyd Pulse; Crystal Method Legion of Boom (as good as their first album and way better than Tweekend); Paul Oakenfold’s Bunkka(keeps you going without pissing off the neighbors).
    Other good working music: DJ Shadow, Timo Maas, Paul Van Dyk, Jurassic 5, Johnny Cash’s other albums especially Love and Murder.
    Thanks go to Jim (who will never read this) for the apartment and the continued pressure on his boss to give me more work.

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