Another great idea

I saw this at Martini Republic and thought, yes…reviewing booze. It’s a great idea! They do wine mostly and that is obviously useful. Hoewever, while I can drink an entire bottle of wine, I don’t know that I would be making the most inciteful of comments. Instead, Microbrew Monday’s are born because 1) It gives me an excuse to drink on Monday and 2) A little alliteration goes a long way.

Bonus reason: “microbrew review” on technorati reveals only a smattering of mentions and no regualr features so, while not an original idea, perhaps I will at least whore out the site hits. Or it could fail miserably.

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    /fake stupid voice

    As usual, the Capt. says eat it (!!!!)

    /real stupid voice

  2. Actually I really like it when people blog about food and drink, except wine. Fitst of all, I probably have totally defective tasting, so I’m never gonna taste “persimmon and bumblefuck” in any glass of wine and second, I can’t afford to train myself like some poor sociopathic circus animal to recognize and respond to taste cues that are nothing like “persimmon” and “bumblefuck” and translate them into the aforementioned tastes. That is for the Ted Bundy’s of the world, who merely ape human emotion without feeling it. I digress, of what were we speaking? How about you blog about Sonic and how they show their stupid commercials yet there aren’t any around here.

    You’re next comment should be:

    “mmmmmmm, Sonic….done and done”

  3. I would say that but I am similarly baffled by the Sonic ads. They’re everywhere Sonic isn’t.

    How’s that for a tagline?

    I’m with you on the wine thing. As long as the wine is decent I’ll drink it. As soon as you say the word “fruit-forward,” it takes all of my willpower not to punch you in the stomach (well maybe not ALL of my willpower).

    You can keep the food side of things. I’ll try to remember to bring a camera so we can debate the nature of noodles. here’s my non-sequiter: what is the status of Thai noodles in the Pastafarian worldview?

  4. Pad Kee Mao are only for initiates of the higher realm of closeness to The Noodly Father. They are delicious.

    It is however a sinneth to mix the egg of a chickeneth into any dish, therefore Pad Thai and Pad See Ew are right out, thus the holy hand grenade of Antioch shall be flung, and they shall be snuffeth.

  5. Pad Khee Mao = Drunken Noodles and are meant to be the eaten when drunk so the flames taste good (although I’ll eat them either way)

    Curses, I like the Pad See Ew as well. Actually, I pretty much love Thai food across the board. So good.

    You’re counting to five again. All hail the Pasta in the Sky. We need to set up a ridiculously convoluted set of Bishops and Archbishops to keep the message pure.

  6. Get Your NP tickets. There will be a summit of internet titans the night of the show at an amazing Thai place in the Tenderloin. Have not had their drunken noodles but they have this Thai version of carnitas that is unbelievable and it doesn’t even blow your head off.

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