7 thoughts on “Glory days of yester-decade”

  1. Haha, I think I used to own that Ninja Turtle guy … I had way too many Ninja Turtles though.

    And I distinctly recall you owning that He-Man figure before. It was at Grandma’s and we’d go over there and play with it and watch the A-Team while building forts out of your ::a moment of silence for it:: now forever gone brown couch.

    A sad day, truly.

  2. Sigh, good times, good times. Instead, Pinko looks to win…a beanie baby Otter, one of those droid guys from the new Star Wars, and a Daffy Duck figure.

    I almost sent him the Jar Jar Binks ornament but didn’t because I still hold out hope of one day creating the “Ultimate Nerd Christmas Tree.” Or maybe just having the goal means I’ve already won.

    Oh, I have a surrogate brown loveseat in my apartment now that is soft and fuzzy. It looks like the brown couch will live on!

  3. Jesus Christo! I get stung in the face by a large wasp-type insect while biking and am out of it for a little whiela nd every runs around having delusions of grandeur. Damn my face hurts. I wish I was just making this up as an excuse as to why I have not posted an Apology to my lateness on the Apology dialogue.

  4. Well, I only got all big in the head once comment spam started apearing. And courtesy of nacho’s double post and apology, there’s a double digit comment section. Shocking!

  5. Triclops is cool and all but mt favorite MotU figure would be Mossman. No, not my favorite, my only figure. I asked for Skeletor and got freakin Mossman. Smelled like baby poo and his super power was being fuzzy. What a gip. He went straight to the floor of the car.

  6. Chuckles saw the Mossman, interview, right? That guy is so genius. I dodn’t want to read any of the other people on that Improv site, because I was nervous that they were all really funny, and I didn’t want to feel any less so myself.

  7. I am also in shock because I forgot that figure was called “Wingnut” and he had a pal “Screw Loose”- Cookie Jesus, we don’t deserve such riches!

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