Shuffle Conspiracy Friday

Now I know why I normally do this at work where I haven’t accumulated the baggage.

1. Cooper Temple Clause – A.I.M.: A song I dig from a band I think is British; I can’t be bothered to do the research. Anyways, very fuzzy sound (which I like) and it borders on prog territory and is definitely Radiohead influenced. Plus, the singer has a great voice. 8/10
2. Mustard Plug – The Freshman: Oh how I hate this song. No, wait, that’s the original version. 2x the speed, some horns, and scruffy vocals (aka a ska cover) and now it warms the cockles of my heart. Maybe cause I’m an asshole. 9/10
3. VNV Nation – Saviour: Wow, some British industrial music. It made sense in college. Fast little keyboard line and a good pace overall. I’m actually kind of liking it and I suppose I need to deduct another point for that 3/10
4. Pearl Jam – Corduroy (live @ Philly 7/5/03): I like this version better than the original album version. It’s faster and they play it pretty tightly. I know they’re days of cool have long since passed, so I’ll give it a 6/10 although I keep wanting to go to 7.
5. Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter (live @ Philly 7/5/03): This is the song to close out the show. Eddie’s voice shows the strain a little. It sounds a little too much like almost any classic rock ballad. Plus, it makes me try and explain two Pearl Jam songs in a row…so 4/10
6. Pearl Jam – Betterman (live @ Philly 7/5/03): OK, now you [the shuffle-o-thing] just hate me. This song is great to sing along at concerts but audience participation third hand is only so much fun. Plus, three PJ songs in a row…I can already sense Capt. Trollypants lying in wait 4/10
7. Pearl Jam – Light Years (live @ Chicago 6/18/03): Mother of god, four in a row. I swear there’s other stuff on my computer. I don’t even know what to say. At least this song is pretty obscure. Unfortunately, it’s for a reason 3/10 from shame
8. OK Go – C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips: Well, something different. They’re from Chicago, this CD is really poppy and this song is about as goofy a tribute to a woman as there is. “Get Over It” was the radio hit (at least in Chicago). This song has some cowbell and it gets me away from Pearl Jam but it’s not my favorite …5/10
9. Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism (live @ Rome, Italy 11/26/92): It’s Sonic Youth. Indie cred restored. Lots of feedback, driving beat, simple lyrics. 7/10
10. The Strokes – Someday: I don’t care what you say about them. The Strokes brought me back to music and this album still makes me warm and fuzzy inside. This has to be one of my three favorite songs on the album. Happy guitars, the fuzzy voice, the simple little breaks. It was a moment of clarity. 9/10

5.8/10 Better luck next week, I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Shuffle Conspiracy Friday”

  1. Inspired by your shuffle madness, I’ve put together my own list of shuffle-tunes. It is below.

    1) Operation Ivy – Hoboken: A good way to start I think … Operation Ivy never seems to let me down. Sometimes I confuse them with Rancid, but never lets me down. 4/5

    2) Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Blowin’ in the Wind: Score! Awesome cover by the band that only does covers. It’s better than the Mustard Plug version of the Freshman by far. 4/5

    3) Queens of the Stone Age – I Never Came: I haven’t really listened to the songs off their new CD too much but I enjoyed this one. 3.5 out of 5

    4) Transplants – Sad but True: Another Rancid-esque song but an enjoyable track still. The first Transplants CD seems to have only a 3-4 decent songs on it. Luckily this was one of them. 3/5

    5) Linkin Park – Hit the Floor: Bah, this is one of the worst songs off of Meteora. 1/5

    6) The Film – Can You Trust Me: An excellent song I found because of a UK Peugot car commercial. Picked up the CD while I was in France last summer. Excellent track! 5/5

    7) The Zutons – Haunts Me: Good song but not really what I wanted to hear. 2.5/5

    8) Operation Ivy – The Crowd: What? Another Op Ivy song? I hardly even noticed this one playing. 2/5

    9) Presidents of the United States of America – We Are Not Going To Make It: Perhaps my favorite song off the first POTUSA CD, I was glad this one came up. 5/5

    10)Story of the Year – Until the Day I Die: Why do I even have this crap on my computer. I must hate myself!

    Overall, I would give this a 3.5 out of 5. That’s right, I don’t go up to 10!

  2. Winamp, don’t fail me now!
    1: UB40- Red Red Wine. Oh shit, this whole list is going to be really embarassing. In my defense, I downloaded this song for my older brother. I swear.
    2: Beastie Boys- Intergalactic. Not nearly as good as their earlier albums. But okay for a once a month listening.
    3: Barry White/Chris Rock- Baseketball Jones. I was just downloading anything with Barry White in the name. This song sucks.
    4: New Order- True Faith (Pet Shop Boys remix) I can’t claim any credit or blame for this as it’s presence on my computer is entirely a result of sending my computer to my brother for safekeeping.
    5: Jewel- You were meant for me. Are any of these songs going to be cool? This is a nice depressed song but not a morning song.
    6: Timo Maas w/Kelis: Help Me. This song kicks ass. Maas is this DJ from Eastern Europe somewhere, probably the Czech Rep. His stuff is mostly dj sets with a mixing, but he put out some songs on an album I haven’t been able to find and this is one. I haven’t heard this for a while, probably due to all the crap I have on my computer.
    7: The Cure- Hello I Love You. This is a pretty cool cover. Not everyone likes The Cure though. I like them, but I ain’t running out to dress like their fans.
    8: ACDC- Thunderstruck. Crap. The guitar in this song is interesting, but the whole song is just way too, uh, what’s that word?, cock rocky. I remember watching the video in Seventh grade and the beginning has this close up of the guy’s hands as he plays guitar. That was neat and why I downloaded the song.
    9: Dire Straits- Where do you think you’re going. You really have to be in a mood to listen to Dire Straits.
    10: Avril Lavigne- Shoot me now. Just put the gun to my head and kill me. I downloaded this on the suggestion of a friend that now lives in LA. I haven’t been able to briung myself to delete any of music because it may be my only way of successfully fighting the corporate music industry, but god I look like a dork.

  3. As what’s his name says: Ha ha.

    wow, flannel boy, how did that happen?

    I can’t get too bad. “Animal” was somehow on the radio the other day and I was thinking “I like this song, except for the Free Bird ending.

    The Strokes are amazing, I don’t care about hype and then the inevitable backlash. Both of their albums are great. And CT would say “EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Nelson…

    Your whole insult post lost all it’s weight when you dropped the ball on the Simpsons reference.

    Yea, I was sort of into the grunge thing for maybe a little too long.

    And CT would never have that many exclamation points without a 1 in there somewhere.

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