Taste the Flavor

I just happened to noticed that one of my favorite web comics Savage Chickens has a new comic up that I think is particularly relevant to the beer/alcohol snobbery and pretentiousness of this blog.

Personally, I’ve always been more of a connoisseur of the carbonated, sweetened and flavored water beverages than those of the alcohol nature. Hoho! Perhaps there is room here for a weekly non-Alcoholic beverage review as well. We will have to see!

p.s. On a side note, there is a Penny Arcade comic that reminds me of some of my interactions with Fulsome. Whenever playing strategy or MMO games, I always make him do the heavy lifting of learning all the rules/intricacy of the game and I then just ask him tons of questions. He seems to like that kind of stuff! Sometimes though, there’s a little too much detail.

5 thoughts on “Taste the Flavor”

  1. What, no mention of Dinosaur Comics?

    Carbonated beverages have their place, but I think you can only review extra weird ones. Obviously, no point in reviewing 7-Up but Future Cola would be acceptable.

  2. Future Cola? Ha! Perhaps you meant Feichang Kele, or Unusually Cola as I would translate it.

    And actually it was going to be random carbonated micro sodas. Like special local sodas I could find or sparkling ciders perhaps. We’ll have to see. I am tempted to review such weird sodas as Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper or other novelty flavors.

    And I would have mentioned Dinosaur Comics but they didn’t have a comic that I felt particularly compelled to post. Perhaps the next Dinosaur Comic that involves the devil, I will post a link to (as long as it’s funny).

    Also, have you seen the awesome new flash based Flying Spaghetti Monster game? It is, as I may have mentioned, awesome.

  3. Why does this page suck so hard? I thought Fridays were for musical poop shoot. I guess I’m just disturbed.

    Do Cherry Vanilla DP- they actually have a non-diet one. Of course you only find that kind of stuff in random convenience stores that somehow have 500 kinds of soda and probably still stock Crystal Pepsi, beyond all reason.

    Oh, there are a bunch of cult-like pages where people taste-test as many “Dr” sodas as possible. They are hilarious. Apparently the evil geniuses at Wal Mart have made Dr. Thunder pretty good, although it’s probably because they are holding some Dr. Pepper execs hostage and making them produce it for them.

    Carry on.

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