Friday Random 10: Covert Operation

Random Lab Monkey Soup for the Soul[tm]: I’m just trying to live up to my astrological goals for the day.

1. The English Beat – Over and Over: I have developed a small English Beat fetish. They play the Red Devil Lounge in SF in mid-December. Who’s in? Oh, and this song makes me happy with its crazy little copper drum riffs. 9/10
2. The Neins – Jonathon Livingston Seagull: I do still like these guys. They were A.C. Newman’s backing band when I saw him on tour and their stuff, while a little unpolished holds, to me, some promise. 6.5/10
3. The Dead Milkmen – Rastabilly: These guys always inject a bit of levity into the proceeding. It just reminds me of high school chants done to cheesy punk rock…cause that’s what it is. Good fun, that’s for sure 7/10
4. Of Montreal – The Actor’s Opprobrium: This song surely ranks up there as some indie self-correcting (hat tip to The Left for reminding me of that glorious word [via 3B!]) lyrics. The story of an actor trying to make it to some borderline twee chords 7/10
5. The Features – Leave it all Behind: Reclaiming bar-punk music for America, these guys go great with some bourbon and a solid dose of distortion. I do love me some fuzzy guitar and a hint of southern drawl but this song is a little too laid back for their sound They do some good chosuses but a few too many of them. 6.5/10
6. In the Country – How to get Acquainted: MP3 blogs are awesome. How else do you manage to learn about Scandinavian piano jazz trios (unless you love Rune Grammoon the label, which you should). Anyway 7/10

Hours later (song 81 on the list)

7. Sufjan Stevens – Come on! Feel the Illinoise!: This album is pretty cool. The song is beautiful. I don’t even know what genre to put this album in but I’d almost call it more pop-symphonic with a hint of folk. It just has such a lush feel to it. Anyway this song gets an unqualified 9/10
8. Rogue Wave – Falcon Settles Me: The song is very gentle and tender. I’ve kind of had my fill of that for the moment and it just is not doing anything interesting for me. The song doesn’t quite distinguish itself to me so 5/10, sorry boys.
9. NOFX – Reeko: This song is pretty lame. They’re trying to tell a story and I just don’t care. And then they put on some weird guitar like they’re being Clapton. If it’s a joke I’m not quite getting it – Oh wait, two minutes in we’ve hit that trademark California power-punk. It doesn’t really mean anything but I can listen to those sweet chords 4-EVA so it gets a 2+2= 4/10
10. Devendra Banhart – I Feel Just Like A Child: I like the melody but I hate the lyrics. It just seems a little redundant. So he never really grows up? Am I supposed to be impressed by this? I generally like him and I’m hoping there is something more intelligent underlying the idea but I’m not seeing it currently. 3/10

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  1. People always gotta hate a man who has no insecuities. I make people feel insecure because I am so centered.

  2. Fulsome & camp: party going on at 3bulls while the grown ups are out of town for a week.

    Anyone up for writing a MGT and posting it while PP is out of town?

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