No, not the UPN show. The blog destroying, buddy absorbing ones.

Where have all the yong men gone?
Gone to vaginas everyone, long time hu-umping…
When will they ever learn? When will they ev-er learn?

19 thoughts on “Girlfriends!”

  1. Don’t worry, I’d never leave you…Unless of course I got a call from Jim Thome, Alexandre Despatie, or Charlie Day…Or all three — I SAID GODDAYUM!!!

  2. Oh, Chuckwagon. So sad. Is fulsome hittin’ it? He is Mr. Cool Pants and hasn’t whispered even a word. Have you considered it might be baseball?

  3. Baseball, nah…I still don’t understand how a man could walk with four balls. The extra two would be hanging right underneath the others and would get squashed between your legs as you ran.

  4. 14 f’ing innings. That was madness.

    Also, Red Sox fans bought me drinks so I don’t hate them quite so much.

  5. Red Sox fans can buy me all the drinks I want, won’t make them any cooler.

    So can republicans. I’ll just take the drin kand walk away from their dumb, people hating asses.

  6. chuckles, you are pretty funny, so why do you hate Three Bulls!? If you want to make it onto the Oil Platform, you’d better get with Take Five and the Bulls, baby!

  7. I must say that we have all been quite remiss of late.

    Congratulations are in order!

    Any man that can go FOURTEEN innings should be held aloft as a proud example of the glory of the purple helmeted people!

    I salute you, fulsome!

  8. Screw the oil platform!

    Maybe we should send the 2 ninja kitties over to take care of Chuckles before the all out kitty war.

  9. Hydrogen balloon? When Chuckles lights the first candle to try and woo some lady all of his plans will go up in flames.

    Oil derricks are so twentieth century. We need something way cooler — maybe Canada?

  10. It would take well more than two ninja kitties to take me down. My bushido is quite potent, yet humble. I have had experience fighting as many as four ninjas simultaneously and survived unscathed. So bring on the ninjas kitties, for I am as the spray bottle of water on their noses.

  11. Scented candles are far too girly. A man should smell like god intended; sweat, Guinness and sizzling beef.

  12. alright, when you go to grill yer first sausage (wink, nudge, teh)…then it goes up in flames

    Is it too early to miss baseball?

  13. watch yer step chuckles – you know not when the kitties watch and follow. you will only know of their presence when their nutro breath is warm on your neck…which, of course, by that time will be too late.

    claws to your hydrogen balloon!

  14. Your kitties are but smoke on the wind intangible and ineffective. I am the towering and strong redwood with roots at the bottom of the world.

    One with nature am I.

    Or was that nurture?

  15. Besides cats are the lamest of all pets. I have a cat living outside one of my windows. My landlord has asked me to feed any kittens that show up to Helob. That would be AWESOME.

    By Ninjas, are we talking about the guys in the black pajamas or the hookers?

  16. I am just asking because some marines I knew referred to the hookers at the bars we went to as ‘ninjas’. If you have two of those living with you, then pardon moi, mon sewer!

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