Serenity (GO SEE IT!)

I just finally saw the box office results for the weekend and I am very dissappointed with the results for Serenity this weekend (I’m looking at you person who didn’t go see Serenity). Besides the mangled Chinese phrases, this is a very excellent movie. It’s suspensful, exciting, and has some cool action and dialog.

If you did not see this movie last weekend, go see it this weekend. I mean it. You have to go. Or someone dressed up as a Buffy character will show up at your house crying and asking why you didn’t go see the movie (it won’t be me though, since I thought Buffy was lame).

I went to see Serenity of Friday at an 11:40 PM show and the theater was moderately crowded but less so than I was expecting. This movie is better than almost every movie that came out this summer so make time is your worthless schedule and go see it. If you don’t have time to go see it, at least buy a ticket. You know, to show that you care … or something.

Thank you, that is all (for now).

3 thoughts on “Serenity (GO SEE IT!)”

  1. That badly mangled loan-words from Cantonese thing was my main bug regarding the show. I mean, I understand the conceit — and it could definitely be done in a way that makes perfect sense in a literary format. But unless the shooting script calls for it *very* judiciously, and the actors have been coached on believable diction, then you’ve got a big mess on your hands.

    That said, I’m totally seeing this.

  2. Yeah, their diction = not believable. In fact, it just confuses me.

    I think that Joss Whedon should really study Chinese for a year or two before he starts trying to drop it into the dialog. It would just flow a little better then.

    But he’s a huge nerd who thinks he’s Dr. Fancypants. Obviously he hasn’t realized that he’s still just Mr. Fancypants and that I don’t respect his non-accredited use of the title Dr.

  3. I must spread the word about the Dr. Fancypants. I would definitely believe that Joss Whedon has a slight problem with hubristic tendencies, especially writing the script for Alien Resurrection. On the other note, I think you guys missed the point with the mangled dickshun chinese. I took it as swear words that had entered the spacer vocabulary much like everyone learns swear words from the foreign guy that lives on the floor in college. In TKE, we learned swear words from a Padahn Pakistani. I still use madachoat more than I say motherfucker, mostly because I swear too much to get by in most offices.

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