SI Changes Their Tune (Cause of My Post)

If you go visit the SI home page now you’ll see that front in center is the baseball story that should have been there all day. I also received an email from them that I’ll copy and paste below:

Dear Mr. Nachos,

Thank you for pointing out our lunacy. We realize now that it was dumb of us to post football info all during the day even though nothing will change with that sport until um, Sunday we guess. We are going to be rectifying the problem and putting up actually pertinant baseball stories/information in the near future so please come by and check it out.

Again, we apologize for being giant bags of chipotle chicken and will try not to let it happen again.

Hugs and kisses,

SI (Sports Illustrated)

Anyway, Game time is now less than 4 hours away. Can you feel it? I said, CAN YOU FEEL IT?!?!

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