What IS Wrong With SI … and ESPN [Updated]?

Ok, I’m confused here … I just watched one of the most amazing comebacks in a game in baseball history with Albert Pujols 2-out 3-run home run in the top of the 9th on Monday. On the brink of elimination from the playoffs, the Cardinals managed a miraculous comeback to force a Game 6 in the National League Championship Series.

That Game 6 occurs tonight. Hmmm, I wonder what we should talk about sports writers? Wait, I know, let’s talk about … football? WTF?!

I know it’s kind of old hat to say that the NL doesn’t get any love from sports or network coverage (and it’s quite true) but to not see a single article about the Cardinals-Astros game tonight seems a little ridiculous. I mean, should a story about the Broncos really be your main story right now?

Whatever, this is just ridiculous though. Screw you Sports Illustrated … at least ESPN knows to talk about it on their front page … if only it wasn’t that annoying guy, Jayson Stark that was writing the story [Update] and screw you ESPN … I’m sure the NBA dress code is a huge deal wah wah wah! All you sports sites can go have a picnic somewhere without me! [/Update] Oh well, Game 6 is only 9 4.5 hours away …

8 thoughts on “What IS Wrong With SI … and ESPN [Updated]?”

  1. Maybe SI is still pissy because ESPN got some pretty sweet deals for MLB coverage.

    UPDATE: I just went to ESPN front page…Shaq is on the cover, no mention of the baseball.

    Oh, if only I could be one of those poor Red Sox fans who has to hear about their team constantly [degrading them].

  2. The Red Sox blow more ass than the 3 Bulls crowd. They probably all drink wussy girl drinks, too.

    I hear the Red Sox lost out this year because their wrists couldn’t hold up the bats anymore.

  3. Um, I wasn’t trying to get people to lash out at other sports teams or 3 Bulls … at least if St. Louis does somehow get to the World Series we won’t have to worry about “fair weather fans” like those other clubs.

    If you live in the STL then you’re a fan, that’s how it goes! It’s not even a choice.

  4. Look, until you get them to stop showing baseball highlights during a football game, this is only fair. Besides, baseball is dead.

  5. Fulsome, I’m right there with you about the Cosox. I don’t care about them, especially when they’re the top sports story each and every one of the 273 games per season they play against the Yankees.

  6. Uh oh, we’ve woken the bear.

    I mostly pick on the CoSox in the hope of luring PP into saying something. Although, I did long ago decide I hated the legions of people with giant B’s on their hat and no knowledge of the team.

    That said, maybe we can all agree to hate the Giants?

  7. At least the Giants, and a few other West coast teams admit that other nations, besides Cuba, play baseball.

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