Friday Random 10: Who Stole My Saxophone?

You know it you love it, plus maybe now we’re free from the scourge of poetry

The White Stripes – The Nurse: Jack White is an inestimable mystery. This song torments me with its clear desire to break out in a full fledged frenzy of rock’n’roll but is somehow repressed by the overwhelming power of a vibraphone. 5/10
Out Hud – The Song So Good They Named It Thrice: Electroclash is about the coolest name for a sub-genre out there (although glitch goth won a recent car pool naming competition). I find it terribly pleasing ad only wish it wasn’t one of those things that seems unable to hold up to the media spotlight. Every time it gets close to being cool it far too quickly dives back into the world that created it. These guys have a lightly higher beep to beat ratio than I find ideal but are generally decent 6/10
The Lovemakers – Shake That Ass: The song title pretty much says what needs to be said. Oh, other than that it’s a bad disco song on an otherwise palable album. Let me know and I’ll e-mail the mp3 because it’s funny and deserves to be spread far and wide. 6/10 (key line: “you can have anything you want if you shake that ass for me”)
The Thrills – Hollywood Kids: Irish boys name checkin’ California? I’m not even sure what more I have to add about that other than I still find this to be the best ever California country bar band and I don’t understand how they ended up stranded in Ireland. 2/10
Dirty Three – Rain On: I have to abstain from serious commenting on this song because it deserves more attention than I’m willing to give it right now. Friday afternoon verdict: too minimalist, and lacking in direction 3/10
Kent – Lifesavers: Booming 90’s shoegaze with Radiohead production values. Is there more to life than this? Not much. This song isn’t quite as adventurous as some others but please, just keep that distortion pedal pressed down to the floor. 6/10
Four Tet – Smile Around the Face: Oh wait, here’s pretty much the true definition of perfection. I’m not normally a super-electronic guy (computer collection is skewed significantly from CD collection) but this song (and album) are amazing. This song des pretty effectively encapsulate the feeling of having a smile wrap around your face 9/10. When the melody, such as it is, finally clicks in it is enough to dance for joy and know that new and interesting music still gets made 10/10.
The Flaming Lips – Waitin’ For a Superman: If you don’t know this song, you’ll pretend that you do so I’ll just give it 8/10 and we move on.
Four Tet – High Fives: We are now later in the album and so the song takes even longer to acquire form. I already have to retract my beep to beat ratio comment because there are lots of beeps and the beaty of this song is that they keep moving them around the beat. Anyways, think of wind chimes that sound like a sporadically struck xylophone and a rogue high hat line with some random whizzing and chirping and you have another song that I love 7/10
The Beastie Boys – Shazam!: Kind of a jolt to the system after the previous five songs [also note last weeks Beastie Boys disclaimer] this song allows us to end the week on a “phat” beat with some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever. Provalone and gorgonzola? Way to reach for some polysyllabic words there, boys. Offhand, I think it’s the worst song off the album. 4/10

Lucky number 11, to improve my chances with the ladies: Soul Coughing – Mr. Bitterness

5 thoughts on “Friday Random 10: Who Stole My Saxophone?”

  1. fulsome’s displeasure with poetry rankles my cankles.
    Pus oozes forth from my blistering sores,
    I effervesce.
    The flagellum of the bacteria
    swirls ever so,
    this way and that,
    through my nasal caveat!

  2. P.S.: I think I know who stole your saxaphone; in its place was this card informing the finder that he or she has been robbed by the Springfield Cat Burglar.

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