Get your X-Wing here!

Wasn’t the X-Wing a model produced by a company named Incom. I ask, but I need no confirmation because I once held three movies in high regard. Lo, how the mighty have fallen.

8 thoughts on “Get your X-Wing here!”

  1. That’s because they are too busy braiding each other’s hair and singing Sound of Music tunes.

  2. GWAD! How I hate those singing Van Hottentrots or whatever their names were! Little bastards should have died on that mountain!

  3. I bet they are arguing over who gets to play with the Strawberry Shortcake doll first. Loser has to play with the Cabbage Patch Doll.

  4. Just admit that this blog is dead, dying as it were. Maybe we should just poach fulsome over to Three Bulls! Three MILLION Bulls!

  5. I bet if we goad him into anger he might actually write something beyond some lame music crap.

    He said on Sunday he had a bunch to blog, but I bet he spent all that free time blogging his woman.

  6. Cabbage Patch doll! Nailed.

    It’s like a cult or something for Pinko. He wants everyone to be a bull. Except for well, ahem. We all know who he doesn’t want blogging on his blog or his woman.

  7. I heard that his woman blogs on some other blog behind his blogback. or soemthing.

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