Pretentious Poetry Thursday!!!

I am a leaf,
I float on the gusts of destiny.
I am a stone,
I am scoured by the sands of time.
I am a river,
I flow in a great ocean of anonymity.
I am a cloud,
I wisp away aloof and remorseless.
I am a star,
I am burning with eternal loneliness.
I am entropy,
I devour all in my quest for enlightenment.

8 thoughts on “Pretentious Poetry Thursday!!!”

  1. Your own show? Chuckie, baby, I love you, but you’re not ready for prime time yet. Start with something small and work your way up.

    When are you going to come by and say hello at my new site? Are you too busy thinking about Twinkies?

  2. I am a sparkling
    Pegasus pony
    Twirling in my
    Cloud castle in the sky.

    Damn, Miz Nicks,
    That is some fine
    Colombian blow.
    Now give me back my shawl.

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