The Day of Reckoning is Upon Us!

In three days hence, the day of engorgement shall come! All shall feast upon the great beast of commerce and DESPAIR!!!

9 thoughts on “The Day of Reckoning is Upon Us!”

  1. I know that you are amking. 🙂 I am telling EVERYONE.

    Thanksgiving should be called Thankstaking. It’s a naughty holiday and I won’t, I won’t par take of the splendors.

    I will however go out in the evening and get drunk with the kiddies that are home for break and have been going rounds with the units for most of the day. Always a good night for the scorpian bowl and getting some.

  2. You just wish you could party with me. Everybpdy’s imaginary girlfriend is cheating on their boy/girlfriends with me.

  3. Oh, yeah, um, sure. No, I totally meant other people when I said imaginary. I have so much dna (tna?) evidence to the contrary that I must forcefully acknowledge your existence, AG. How could I deny those magical, sweaty, highly illegal moments we spent together in PP’s coat closet. I am sure those puppies will never forget me, either. Ahhh, good times, good times.

  4. Chuckles, you bastard! You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone about the closet. I know The Hef’ agreed to keep it on the DL.

  5. baby, you know how it be. Eventually, every story gotta be told. Special the ones that end in tattoos. I was thinkin mebbe I get one on my shoulder blade of what you and me did in that closet, but I don’t think my back is big enough. Shit, god’s green earth ain’t big enough for the antics that went on in the closet.

  6. You must not be Jewish because I am not allowed to get an ink stamp on my body.

    Where are your bee-otches on here? It’s like Fulsome goes to one party with Pinko Punko (and who knows what REALLY happened that night) and he’s done with blogging. I think you might need to call in for some back-up. You kids must know someone from your liberal educations.

    Speaking of which, I am wondering where exactly that was. Can you throw the readers a bone and at least give us a city.

    Those cobags on the right seem to have time to blog. Of course none of them get laid or having meaningful lives, but still! Common on Fulsome, pharma pays well. Get a job at Roche California, demand a high salary and be done with it.

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