Where in the world is fulsome San Diego, Redux?

I’ll give you a hint, AG. We went to a college that has the same name as the town in which it resides. The state is Wisconsin and the college was founded a few years before the state was..umm…statified.

Now get your atlases, kids!

First one to guess right wins a kiss!

21 thoughts on “Where in the world is fulsome San Diego, Redux?”

  1. Sadly, no!

    Thanks for playing…and what’s with the Chucklerific trying to divulge my identity of the top secret interweb?

  2. I hope it’s NOT Beloit which shows some scrawny dork flexing his muscles on the website.

    Pucker up…

    Fulsome, baby girl!! Maybe if you showed up more often you could censor information. Plus, stalkers like AG need the dilly, yo. And my boy Chuckie hooked it up like the good blogger that he is.

    Your school cannot take my L.A. education school.

  3. Ok, Ok. So AG had it right with Beloit, but that was her second guess. The bylaws clearly state that the use of a second guess constitutes a magically binding contract wherein she must kiss my tuchas. I am bending over as we speak, my sweet baboo!

    Now you need to guess what years I graduated in!

  4. I don’t think there will be kissing from these lips, dollface.

    Who knows when you graduated. You’re young, so like 1998,1999,2000 is about right.

    I cannot believe you went to Beloit. Why not piss away some cash at the hole Williams too?!

  5. You just wish you could have gone to Beloit, instead you had to settle for some pissant hippie institution in Lalawood.

  6. Yes, but the Pixies are a just a pinch off. Try more like Get Fuzzy. (Close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades and Bush shootings).

    Now, you have to figure out graduate school.

  7. I think you went to Miss Glorietta’s Charm School for Girls Who Don’t Want to Be Spinsters.

    The school for girls who can’t get a man without it!

    Turning lezebels straight since 1895!

  8. No Sir. If I had, I wouldn’t be “Adorable Girlfriend”, I would be my own woman.

    Wonk, Wonk …

  9. Well, still. I graduated multiple times from the same school. I am, however, only in one year’s alumni file. If you can guess this, you are either a very good espionage type or very lucky. Either way, you qualify to bear my children.

  10. Oh no, I will not be having any man’s children. I did not go to college to get a Mrs. degree or pay what I have paid for my graduate degree to get stretch marks and back talk during the teen years. Oh no!

    I am not sure that I care that much when you graduated. It was fun guessing the college and getting some insider dirt, but graduation years? The prize is punishment. Now if you agreed to make out with The Uncanny Canadian or make Pinko Punko write an article on why a certain egineering and architecture focused school is the greatest institution ever and how stellar the admissions department is, I might be in for it. However, there is no real prize for me.

    You got nothing. Like most Williams and Beloit kiddies, I might add. Better luck next time with Colby or Bates girls (they put out for degrees I hear).

  11. I got so much you can’t even remember. I got things of which the UC has never even dreamed…by the way, do you like the way the UC’s home has no government any more?

  12. No comparing with UC. I heart UC and I am not touching that one.

    I do like that the Canucks are in strife. What I don’t like is the potential for the conservatives to rise again to power with their lower taxes and less social programs.

    I got a stake in the outcome. UC promised me we are moving to Canada if Alito gets put on the bench because we both agree that I won’t be able to stomach that. As it is, I just started reading the newspaper because I couldn’t phathom anything after the results of November 2000, let alone 2004!

    Sick, sick I tell you!

  13. I wish we had some Canadian Conservatives in power here. If everything in Canada is just like the U.S. but weaker, then their conservatives must be real nice. After all, they just abolished government so they can’t be all bad.

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