Where in the World is fulsome San Diego?

What has happened to the WRN crew? Have they gone and left me as the sole representative? I guess I’ll just have to represent them. But not re-present them. People who stick re-s in front of everything should be tossed in the well next to the people who stick pe at the end of shop and on top of the people who use extra es at the end of old. Bastards.

13 thoughts on “Where in the World is fulsome San Diego?”

  1. I know, work is making me work! Plus, my other job is giving more hours! Boo fuckin’ hoo on the holidays.

  2. i’d love to comment, but i’ve got to go down to the shoppe and get some of that good olde soda pop to quench this re-curring thirst.

  3. Ah, in the same boat as fuls. Never any time to do anything anymore.

    Perhaps, Fuls, if you didn’t waste all your money on blow and harry potter figurines you wouldn’t need to work two jobs.

  4. also, I dont’ know what the deals with chuckles post is, but it doesn’t let me go to the page in my firefox. I have to post this crap from IE.

  5. PR: You almost had a good one there except that recurring is an acceptable use of the re.

    I thought we had spoken about the Harry Potter figurines and the nose candy. Never mix the two. I like to keep my recreational drugs and recreation separate. You should too.

  6. As in macaroni and macarelli, I really have not developed a reason to be annoyed by them yet. Why should I? Rice-a-Roni is the only one I know so far…

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