The Waiting Will Kill You

[Update: 12/28/2005, 10:28 PM EST]

Still no TiVo. I am really hoping my neighbors didn’t steal it. I didn’t get any mail at all today though, so maybe the mail carrier was just being lazy.

Hmmm, to read this post and its updates is slowly watching my descent into madness.

[Update: 12/28/2005, 10:30 AM EST]

No TiVo yet. Why do you hate me post office and mail carrier?

[Original Post]

No, this isn’t about my impending visit to see Butterstick. Instead, it’s waiting for a recently shipped package. During my trip home for Christmas–Christmas Eve to be exact–I was informed by my brother that I will now be the proud owner of a TiVo.

Needless to say, I was speechless. Hopefully the goofy grin I had on my face expressed how awesome of a gift it was.

It is unfortunate that I was only able to come up with a gift that was quite pedestrian (a CD and a couple of DVD’s … one of which he already had). I’ve got 6 months to come up with something cool for his birthday.

As I said earlier though, I will be the owner of a TiVo. You see my brother (quite wisely I now believe after an earlier luggage mishap) decided to ship my gift to my apartment at home instead of bringing it across numerous state lines to my grandparents only to have me lug it across numerous state lines back home (on an airplane). So I will be getting a TiVo, that is, when it gets delivered. And with that knowledge, the worrying began.

Let me state first about things getting shipped, that I’m horrible about it. If there is an online order status page, I’ll check it compulsively. Waiting for things that I know should be coming drives me insane.

To exacerbate the situation though, it came out in a conversation that my brother didn’t put my apartment number on the package. I don’t think this should really be a problem, there are only 7 apartments at my address and I get plenty of other mail. But still, I’m now stressing out that they won’t deliver it. Add to the fact that I’ve seen delivered packages sitting in front of my neighbors’ doors for days at a time and I get afraid that someone has stolen the package after it was delivered.

I mean, I also know that the package has been insured so, if in case it doesn’t come in the next couple days, we can inquire with the post office and hopefully my brother can get reimbursed for it. Once he has cash in hand we can quickly begin the quest to acquire another TiVo.

Until then though, I get to sit in my office at work and wait. And wait. And wait ….

While doing this, this should be great. I’ll be able to TiVo all the shows I’ve been missing by spending time at the gym. I’m so excited!

Now I just have to figure out how to keep my roommate from using it …

6 thoughts on “The Waiting Will Kill You”

  1. Dude, I am also waiting. I have yet to receive either my credit card bill or my brother’s subscription to KoDT. It has been a month and I am now a little miffed. Time to yell.

    PS. Girls like me because they get to see me naked. The Vikings always win.

  2. Yeah, there’s nothing I want more right now than my December credit card bill ….

    Well, I guess I’d rather get that than late fees for not paying it.

  3. I just want to start paying for this trip already. In one way, I will be apying for it Friday morning, but in another, fiscal, way I want to start paying for it now.

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