17 thoughts on “Hibernation…”

  1. Looks like dEn is pixeled that I am posting all this crapola. Maybe I should head over to the blog quiz people for some more shite.

  2. haha, ok. Or you could yell at fulsome for being so lame and not posting anything ever.

    He has time to organize karaoke but not enough time to post on the blog.

    I just think it’s funny that we have a post, then there are 2 posts by Chuckles, then nothing for like a week or two and then Chuckles asking why people aren’t posting. It’s like the Circle of Blog Posting Life.

  3. Plus as Stephen Colbert says about bears, “They’re not ‘hibernating,’ they’re just regrouping for their next attack.”

  4. I really could make this whole blog another Colbert fan site. The man is awesome. Also, I’d like to ponit out it only took 10 minutes to stumble on awesome karaoke while actually putting together a multi-paragraph post always ends up taking two hours.

    bah. But it is on my “to-do” list, after the symphony tonight.

  5. Why do these always devolve into comments about Chuckles fancypants. I wish we could make it at least one post with out going on about fancypants.

    I swear. It’s like you guys invested in Brooks Brothers and sequins

  6. I hear ya Nachodude. Why must Chuckle’s always go on about his fancypants. Does anyone really want to hear about them AGAIN?!

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