It Can Get Frustrating At Times

I haven’t posted in a while because, as always, I’m busy with things at work. It’s a difficult struggle trying to maintain a system written over 10 years ago in C/C++ using a series of different flat files and settings files for configuration and upgrading it to a new C#/.NET database driven application. Especially when you’re not particularly familiar with C#.

Still, it’s pretty interesting and really the best job I’ve ever had (not that I’ve had that many).

It can get frustrating at times. Like when I have to work with some of my coworkers. I mean, I get along with them all well enough, it’s just when trying to get something done with them that problems arise.

There’s a guy at work (I think he’s from Senegal, but speaks French, English, Russian, and Spanish I think) but he’s also supposed to be a programmer. Still, working with him is sometimes like working with a mentally challenged individual. You get the feeling when talking with him and his responses that he is responding based on one or two words that are in your sentence, but not actually to the meaning of it.

Then, sometimes we have to remotely connect into our clients’ computers. Sometimes I swear it’s like I’m doing this with my grandpa. He’ll sit there quietly saying what he’s going to do next (“and now I’m going to copy this here and …”), will click and close the wrong window, etc. Eventually I have to pull a Nick the Computer Guy, SNL Sketch maneuver, and be like, “Move! I’m driving!”

Add to the fact that he has an LCD 1280×1024 resolution monitor but for some reason keeps it at the non-native 1024×768 resolution. Which if you’ve ever seen, will give you headaches. He also has his icons and buttons set to ridiculously large size. If I’m ever trying to help him solve a bug in his code, we can see maybe 10 lines at a time.

Sigh, sorry to rant for so long, but it’s something that I’ve had to deal with a lot lately. If anyone has similar or somehow related coworker stories, I’d really appreciate some company!

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  1. I was overhearing some techies complain about the morons they work with and the idiotic regulations and s&p’s they have to program under at a coffee shop on Sunday afternoon. After maybe ten minutes, I chimed in with my complaints about my boss that doesn’t understand that creating new folders and organizing your Outlook profile will prevent him receiving excessive mail messages and losing him email priviledges. I detailed my ninja archiving exploits and they all agreed that was hideous. I also explained how an earlier point made by the She-Geek of their group about teaching classes in how to use google and other web search engines were very relevant. Only one or two of my coworkers understand that if you don’t see it in the first three hits, then keep scrolling down and check the next page or forty. We had a good laugh and then I went back to reading the introduction to my modern philosophy text. Which I should have read when I was in college.

  2. Do you get the feeling Chuckles lives in a coffee shop? Nearly all comments start with something like, “I was in this coffee shop”. I think he’s Starbucks CEO and this is a word-of-mouth campagin.

    Bush, Karl, set up the spy cams and cue the wire tap guy, we’re going in…

  3. Yeah, except for the fact that I try not to mention the brands of coffee shop anymore. If those loser won’t pay me to say their it, then I don’t need to give them free advertising.

  4. My coworkers read this blog so I can’t say too much — not that I ever would, RLM.

    Except that our receptionist drives me up the frakkin’ wall sometimes. Let’s choose this morning as a semi-random example of this.
    “My printer’s not working.” she says, as she hovers over my shoulder while I, luckily, am typing a work-related e-mail.
    “OK,” I sigh as I get up and trudge down the hall to go look at her printer. I flip the on off switch and hit print and it prints.
    “But why is it printing 3 copies?”
    “Because you told it to print twice before you came and got me.”
    “Is there anything I can do so I don’t have to bother you again”
    “Restart it.”

  5. Wow, you made the worst mistake ever. I have not told any of my coworkers my blog address.

    I shall have to post about the reason why my office has all new bank account numbers. That story is hilarious.

  6. The IT dept at my company must have some serious stories. I work with some real clucks. I fortunately, have no stories about me. I only ask reasonable questions after I have tried everything to fix the computer, fax, printer, etc.

  7. Riiiiiight. Reasonable request, my ass, AG. You are probably wandering around your office with a whip and demanding that they check your email for you.

  8. First off bitch, I want my whip back! I never told you could have it as a parting gift that night at Pinko’s party.

    With the kind of smut I post and get via email, I have to be on the down low. I also break policies about personal computing, and they know it! Why? I am special. I am a travel whore for the company. This means that I go on the road and spend my nights and weekends traveling for them. I cannot call them every two minutes when things break for adminstrator rights.

    So, they gave them to me. This means I fix my own stuff. Just today, I fixed someone’s computer to receive voicemail via email. I am now the IT dept, Medical Safety, Medical Affairs, Clinical Affairs, R and D specialist, R and D supplies and shipping Manager, QA and QC Supervisor, Business Development, HR and varies other odd titles I have because you get what you pay for with LOW salaries. And when the “IT Manager” is the CEO’s newphew from a foreign country, he’s basically not going to be able to help you. In fact, you might just teach him a thing or two about IT.

    Bottom line, I am underpaid for my contributions and I fix my own IT problems. I call the J man only when I am required to, such as for setting up new calendars, emails, etc. for new employees or when I just cannot deal with the AA who has a college degree, but I question how with her lack of basic skills in anything.

    I like IT to forget about me. Then I can store files and look at porn without getting hassled. I treat HR the same way. The less they see, remember or know about me, the better!

  9. I still don’t believe you.

    I’ll give your whip back after I have it cleaned. I guess you don’t want the underwear back, though.

  10. I have a father and a boyfriend. I don’t need to lie to you.

    You don’t have my panties. Those are Canuck’s. After you made out with her, she gave them to you. I guess it’s her way of pre-emptive action so abortion services are not needed.

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