My Y-speration

Spent some time at the YMCA again this past weekend and I got two pieces of inspirational wall art for your perusal. I have included them below.

Does respect really tie us all together? If we’re tied together, does that mean we’re shackled to one another if we ‘respect’ them. I certainly don’t want to be tied to a certain president, which is why I choose not to respect him I suppose.

I also have to raise issue with this one, is honesty really the best thing to do here? I mean, look at the kids on the right, they’re apparently dealing drugs behind the back of Straight-Arrow Johnny who is busy being the patsy for having broken that dude’s window. Now the good kids going to juvie while the little drug dealing kids will find another guy to replace him. It’s sad really.

12 thoughts on “My Y-speration”

  1. I think respect keeps a person apart. For instance, “I respect your right to privacy.” or “I respect your personal space.” perhaps even “I respect your emotional fortitude in securing a restraining order, even as I respect my desire to watch you through your curtains.”

  2. Honesty? That wasn’t an illustration of honesty — that was an illustration of a realistic assessment of their situation. A little trouble now to ‘fess up and make up for the broken window, or a lot of trouble later after they try and run and then CSI traces the ball back to them.

  3. And then the cops shoot them all in a tense stand off. The grandparents they had taken hostage were tragically killed in the crossfire.

  4. I am concerned about the first pictuer. I can’t make out the details of whether all their thumbs or tied together? And what’s the point; without respect we wouldn’t be friends? That doesn’t seem convincing to a 12-year-old.

  5. Crack addict ties us together. Don’t let any of the quitters tell you differnt.

  6. We all want some rock and nose candy. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot always get what you want, but you get what you need!

    Man, I miss the days when smoking crack wasn’t shunned by parents and little kids alike.

    God damn you, DARE program! Damn you all to hell!

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