Apparently I Need to Blog More About the Perils of Blogging

Sorry, all. We here at the WRN crew are such crazy web ninjas (Chuckles the obvious exception) that we just blog along without ever bitching about how we blog or locking out our posters and commenters or wasting two weeks to have an even uglier-ass blue border than we used to demonstrate our obvious visual acuity.

We’re sorry for wasting your time like that and so, for today only, or until somebody fixes it, I have altered the colors. Consider it a small favor for the many joys that blogging has provided me.

note to 3B!: We wuv you!

note to those who may be confused: Only 1 in 3 of my jokes are deemed funny by the nerdiest of nerds, so just blame the patriarchy or something.

30 thoughts on “Apparently I Need to Blog More About the Perils of Blogging”

  1. I think the comments section remains a soothing beige so as to trick you into letting your eyes rest a second.

    It’s like eating crackers between different wines at a tasting or something.

    It cleanses the eye pallette or something.

  2. ™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™

  3. that was his point I think. if you were hosting your own service and running wordpress you could control the look of the comments page.

  4. You guys rock! I love you most because you are not Blogger sell outs. This whole movement towards Word Press conformity is so unoriginal. You guys are the new old Coke. I nominate you for that catagory in the Koufax Awards!

    Keep on rockin’ in the Blogger free world!

  5. Is a blogger free world a world without blogger?

    This site reminds me of New York. It has been said that sometimes you can smell something so terrible there that it will make you temporarily blind. This site is so awful and heard to read that it overloads my aural cortex with a constant electric whine.

  6. what’s funny is that my eyes have actually adjusted to it and I no longer have any problem.

    Silky smooth!

  7. The best part is that dEn is an admin and doesn’t even know it. It could revert at any time. Or something. Maybe I’ll try another template (with more normal colors) today.

  8. I would like to admin something to you all right now. I can’t read this at all. I need to highlight the text to read anything.

  9. Well, I knew PP would never put up the header at his place so I stole it for an hour or two.

    Whee, I am amusing myself so much today

  10. I know I’m an admin but you’re the blog creator and I respect that.

    If this is the artistic direction that you want the blog to go in, I (painfully) respect that.

  11. You rule for stealing the 3B banner! UC, give the man a little somethin’ something.

    If I didn’t already heart you nerds, you are totally winning me over today.

  12. First, she hates everybody and now she loves everybody? Is this girl crazy? Oh no, I just remembered, she’s a girl. They’re all crazy.

  13. That’s her name. If there is a her in my life.

    Umm, I love a hot slice of pizzazz…so warm and cheesy.

  14. I never hated anyone other than you, Pinko Punko and a few stupid Republicans, i.e. Brian and Sean S.

    Fullie, Nacho dude, they were always my boys! Love Nacho dude even if he doesn’t blog for years on end. They don’t act like ass monkeys like someone we all know.

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