Trans-African Shipping Caption Contest

These pictures come direct from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. AKA Congo-K, The Country Formerly Known as Zaire, The Congo, and, finally, The Country That Hosted the First Pan-African War and Everybody Showed Up.

Go ahead and give it your best shot.

17 thoughts on “Trans-African Shipping Caption Contest”

  1. Is that a white boy with a Rolex taking that picture?

    Chuckie, is your dad a diplomat or someting?

  2. no, Chuckles is actually from the Congo … he was abandoned by his apparents and then adopted and almost raised by monkeys, unfortunately they also quickly abandoned him and then spent most of his younger years getting abandoned by various animal species. Eventually he was taken in by a family of rocks and grew into the person we know today.

    When you talk to him, it all kinda makes sense.

  3. So true. If only Chuckles had been taken in like a pair of trousers, he too might have aspired to the great heights of fancypanthood.

  4. The only boy who could ever reach me was the son of a diplomat.

    Yes he was, he was, unnh, yes he was.

    How well I remember the look that was in his eyes, stealing secrets from me on the sly.
    Taking time to make time, telling me that he’s Agent Nine.
    Learning from each other’s knowing,
    looking to see how much we been growing.

    As an aside, that fancypants character is cramping my style.

  5. Just imagine a little Chucklette in the congo. Great! This is how they think American males are.

    I weep for the future of this country.

  6. If I had a Chucklette, and I am not saying either way, I doubt she would be from the Congo. She must have an appreciation for the plights of Africa, the political situation of our country and be super smart. After all, a genius won’t waste his time with a bimbo. Oh and super hot. She would definitely have to be super hot.

    Auditions are now open.

    Or perhaps they are already closed?

  7. So, you have a Chucklette?

    People only talk in this code when they have something to hide.


  8. Pop Ren has a good idea here.

    “The Congolese mistook the American Ambassador’s complaints about his trouble getting his wood up.”

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