6 thoughts on “Bite ME.”

  1. Chuckles. Why are you so depressed? You are more entertaining when depressed, but I’m worried about you.

    Nice ad, though.

    My friend said she’d get back to me but she might be blowing me off. I’m still trying to get you guys the stuff.

  2. Thanks, the weekend is going south due to dEn’s work schedule. I might have to take a day to get fulsome and fulsomegirl to balmore.

    uh oh, look like I ate another quesadilla! Bleargh! *pours water in to toilet*

  3. Pinko asking Chuckwagon why he is depressed. That is so kettle getting hootched by pot.

    Tell Fullie to get a rental car. Doesn’t he like have a pharma job or something. It must be serious with FG because he’s bringing her to meet the friends. Poor girl!

  4. AG has the memory of a goldfish. I am not depressed, I just have a much calmer baseline than others. I also have a much higher rage line, but whatevs.

  5. haha, hoohoo, heehee

    No one is clued in on the Fulsome enigmatic life story. Just cause that’s not what this thing is all about.

    Also, Chuckles mild baseline is pretty funny. Stoic people acting stoic when you know they are reminding themselves to be stoic because they are secretly emo. Shhh…don’t tell.

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