Food for Fulsome

After the wonderful iBeef post, I thought the only acceptable way to follow up is with some deets on a new fish and chips restaurant near where I live in Old Town, Alexandria. The place is called Eamonn’s and unfortunately seems to be an Irish chippie (the shamrock on it was clue enough).

The restaurant that used to be in the location was a Scottish pub called Scotland Yard but it’s been closed for a couple years. Finally though, there’s a new restaurant there and it looks to be interesting.

I found this post about it here and here that makes it sound interesting. I haven’t had a chance to eat there yet but if the menu to the right is accurate it looks to be pretty authentic.

Mmmm … fried Milky Ways ….

Chuckles, it looks like it’s time to give Fulsome a case of food envy …

11 thoughts on “Food for Fulsome”

  1. that is indeed quite authentic, though if it were the real deal they’d have imported mars bars.

    the english mars bar is just like a milky way, only a bit better somehow. and fried mars bars are damn near EVERYWHERE in ireland and scotland.

  2. Yeah. Ful spent some time in Scotland and the fried Mars bar is a popular conversation topic.

    That’s why I say it’s unfortunate that it’s an Irish chippie

  3. I’m torn, being half Irish and half scot (my grandparents had hillarios accented banter… just try hearing one brogue from the left, and another from the right)

    I guess I’ll stick with american fried twinkies.

  4. this post even made your blog hungry. It ate my post about fried twinkies.

    in short, i want one.

  5. “I’m torn, being half Irish and half scot”

    jesus, yer monthly alcohol bill must be STAGGERING.

  6. mdhatter, Linwood Grill in the Fenway makes fried twinkies and very good BBQ. You have to go there. It’s one of my favourite restaurants.

    While I agree that the Mars bar is superior to a Milky Way, and hence a deep fried Mars bar is going to beat out a deep fried Milky Way any day (especially if made in the UK), I wonder if the surprisingly delicious dark chocolate Milky Way could make for a delectable and competitive variant.

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