Everyday Horror Pt. 4

It’s time for yet another installment of everyone’s favorite blog segment, Everyday Horror. Today’s entry is people who have web pages that automatically play video. Jackasses who do that deserve to be eaten by a giant prehistoric bear.

Snakes on a PumpkinWait, no, that’s not it. Today’s everyday horror is actually about people who spend way too much time carving pumpkins. It’s a pumpkin it’s meant to be either a) looked at or b) smashed. Spending inordinate amounts of time trying to come up with clever designs or carving them into pumpkins are just proving that they have way too much free time and should probably be doing more productive things like calling their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The pumpkin on the right was inspired by Snakes on a Plane. And while it doesn’t truly capture the awesomeness of that great internet movement (it is not biting somebody’s face) you have to appreciate the dedication to such a noble cause.

Still, it’s way overkill for this much work to be put into a pumpkin. It’s a pumpkin and will be gone in a week. Just leave it sitting there, uncarved.

What’s next, elaborately decorated pumpkin pies or crazy Christmas cookies? It’s just a holiday.

Some additional too-much-effort pumpkins:

10 thoughts on “Everyday Horror Pt. 4”

  1. hey, i think those pumpkins are totally awesome and whoever carved them must also be totally awesome and probably is also really good at decorating christmas cookies.

  2. Yeah, they may be good at baking and decorating cookies, but can they eat a shitload of them in .147 seconds?

  3. Fish, no! Don’t become cute like that.

    And Fullie, WTF? Maybe you could get your sorry ass over to RoD once and a GD while and leave a message. Maybe if you came by you’d stop lusting after Pinko and realize Res is far hotter and has a bigger wang.

  4. umm, not enough of these comments are focused around how amazing these wonderful pumpkins are. i mean come on, snakes on a pumpkin, how could it get any cooler…

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