ATHF are your friends

Aqua Teen Hunger ForceAqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters is the name of the new movie and the marketing blitz is on its way now. They have taken yet another great website name ( and the graphic on the main page (depending on your particular nerd variant) may remind you of some of the best (or worst) horror and fantasy experiences you have had. I need to figure out how to make a poll so we can vote on things here. All I can say is that now I am even more in love with this movie than ever before.

A partial tracklist for the soundtrack is also out (see here) and it looks to be an excellent mix of hip hop, indie rock, and metal; Mastodon, The Hold Steady, and Andrew WK are all on the album. Adult Swim is going to SXSW again this year as well so it is clear that they are planning to make themselves a force for all of your AV geek needs. I’m glad to see that someone is stepping up to the plate in an interesting new way, even if it doesn’t always line up exactly with my tastes.

Oh, and as a side note (via here), look at what Boston is exploding now: traffic counters . This seems like a great Letterman feature.

7 thoughts on “ATHF are your friends”

  1. This should really be a game in Boston, “What can you leave sitting around that will be reported as a bomb and then detonated?”

    Perhaps some sort of online pool where you can wager on it.

  2. Res, this movie exists to provide you with all sorts of things that no one needs.

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