Half-Assed Mockery

From the horse’s mouth:

n that regard, Martin Heidigger was a German philosopher and a student of Husserl. I was introduced to Heidigger in college in a way that has colored my limited exposure to his philosophy. I will do some research and then present my findings to this forum in one week’s time. I will also present a followup in one month’s time.

I say this because if I don’t, you are all free to mock me mercilessly for being a lazy ass.

If you look at the post preceding this, I think it is easy for us to all agree that a post saying “Research is hard” does not really meet the minimum qualifications for a post relating to the thought of Heidegger. As a result, and combined with the fact that today is Friday and therefore I am less inclined towards real work, I was trying to come up with a contest along the lines of Pinko’s (in)famous examples.

Half-assed powerpoint
So…allow me to unveil this gem. Chuckles is so half-assed he can’t sit straight. That’s right, another ripped from the 3Bulls! multiverse insult stream. I think there might be some people out there who are playing along at home and don’t even know it!

15 thoughts on “Half-Assed Mockery”

  1. I like how I wrote a short, semi-assed post about how I wanted to write about a dilemma and during the course of honest research about that dilemma, realized that there was much more research required to write an opinion that would be more than half-assed. I opened up a can of worms that requires a full-assed effort and I have admitted it to be so. I wanted to provide a serious commentary on an issue that has troubled me for some time. Now, I am being mocked for not solving said dilemma in a week and for admitting that my dilemma is more immense and requires a serious effort.

    This is a little half-assed excuse hidden in a bunch of words.

  2. Thank you for demonstrating the relevance of the powerpoint slide I was otherwise worried would seem a little bit tangential to the discussion.

  3. The other half are the people that don’t have stuff.

    Stuff like computers. Which I am now without, thanks to planned obsolescence.

  4. I am currently sitting in my office trying to take some design work that is completely half-assed in a True 3Bulls way, and make it fully-assed, because if I do not do so, the resulting payday will tend toward the zero-assed.

    Without said payday, I, like Chuckles, will not be able to keep my hardware needs sufficiently ahead of the Dread Obsolescence, and my inner geek will likely give notice.

    None of which explains why I’m wasting my time here whining, I know. Get back to work, billy you shirker.

    Yes, Mr. Scrooge. I’ll have those TPS reports in the morning.

  5. that quote… i knew, forgot, and totally appreciate that quote. It’s on a brilliant deMotivational poster I saw once.

    also, could I borrow your stapler?

  6. Well you’ve gone the Jonah Goldberg route. Why not now pull the bait-and-switch, and post on Marge Helgenberger?

    Chuckles is so half-assed I call him Cheekles.

  7. I have not gone the Goldberg.

    Also, Marge Helgenberger is a worthy post topic. I am wondering why there hasn’t been a post since this one. I guess the half assing has spread and fulsome can’t even get around to mocking me in any thorough and funny manner.

  8. I’ve been too busy to post: I rented Motorstorm for my PS3 and got God of War 2 (which, as other people on the internet have noted, is so epic it hurts) plus all the other random movies I’m still getting via Blockbuster.

    I just don’t have time to write the posts about Marg Helgenberger that I’d like to.

    So sad.

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