Undeniably Cute (But Amazingly Fun Looking)

Announced today, this new PS3 game (that will demo sometime towards the end of the year) called LittleBigPlanet looks like tons of fun.

Visually, the games graphics look pretty phenomenal but that’s not the only thing here. The co-op gameplay shown in the video makes it looks like something that could help people develop good and cute little puzzle/platforming squads. It would be so sweet if you can develop a little clan that is really good at moving through these little fantasy worlds..

Even cooler is the fact that it’s supposed to be a ‘sandbox game’ in that users will be able to make their own levels and upload them to the site and other people will be able to play and enjoy these levels.

A person would be able to download an unlimited number of user created maps and play them single player or cooperatively online. It’s like swarm based co-op Lemmings with user maps. Plus, the little guys are cute!

4 thoughts on “Undeniably Cute (But Amazingly Fun Looking)”

  1. Is it wrong that I was almost excited by the choice of a Go Team! song?

    Also, I might get to sneak in to the GDC exhibit hall on Thursday.

  2. Nice! My boss is actually at some conference in Berkeley and I told him to head to GDC but I don’t know if he will.

    Also, everyone loves Go! Team.

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