It Finally Happened

Well, I hate to reference a post made by Chuckles [maybe if we ignore himn enough — like Fulsome — he’ll go away] but today I can finally rest easily in my nerd pedigree.  As I was troubleshooting some systems at work that went down due to the nor’easter this weekend, I had to make sure one of our old analog modems/phone lines was up.

So I dial the modem’s phone number and it picks up (I’m logged into the computer so I can actually see it say ‘ring’ on the screen).  I decide that instead of just calling it a day and hanging up that I’ll start making weird noises into the phone, you know, to try to establish connectivity.

Well, after a good 30 seconds of me making ridiculous sounds, I actually managed to establish a connection with the modem at a blazing fast 1200 baud.  I was then able to make random characters show up in HyperTerminal.  It was freakin’ sweet.

I can now officially laugh knowingly at the “you know you’re a nerd when … ” that involves being able to communicate with a modem. Score!

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