Nerd Pedigree

In many areas of life, there is a pecking order.  This order is either vigorously enforced or self-enforced or perhaps even ignored.  In the armed forces, this is called the chain of command.  In a professional environment, this is called the blame chute.  Agricultural biologists will tell you that various farm animals are extremely dependent, behaviorally, on a pecking order and thus our supply of chicken fingers is subsequently dependent on it.

In college, there were many orders that I ignored and some that I enjoyed.  Nerd pedigree was one that I particularly enjoyed.  I did not flaunt it a lot, but when I did, I liked to think that I was somehow more nerdy and thus a better nerd than my wannabe peers.*  In this regard, I direct your attention to two old comic strips that previously graced the back pages of Dragon Magazine.

What’s New with Phil and Dixie

Buck Godot: zap gun for hire

*For example, I slipped a Car Wars reference into a rant about movies a couple posts ago.