Ladies, I Present a Useful Site For Choosing a Career

I was honestly hoping I would get to bed early this evening but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Spartacus came today and I attempted to watch it but 1.5 hours in, it’s starting to drag. I’ve been watching the scenes with people walking places at time and half speed so that I can hopefully make it through this 3+ hour movie in maybe 2.5. Anyway, I got bored of that so now I’m going to try to do this post.

EngineerGirl.orgWhile surfing the internet today, I came across this awesome site for convincing young women to consider the wonderful career opportunities available in the wild world of engineering. Naturally a site like this has a youthful energetic name to appeal to the right crowd:

From the first page, you can tell this is going to be a helpful site. I mean, with it’s generic and rather poor layout and use of a font with curly cues, how could it fail?

Well, some ways it might would be by having 2 of 11 possible items on the left menu link to pages that crash (on their own site). Well, I’m sure they’re not important sections. I mean, how import Women Engineers section anyway? The other link that doesn’t work, the probably less useful Search this Site link.

Don’t let the fact that the section that should have lists and examples of women in engineering doesn’t exist dissuade you though. They also have a Fun Facts section that may inspire you to become an engineer.

The Fun Facts page consists of a list of fun facts and brief descriptions of those fun facts. Clicking on the short descriptions will take you to a more detailed (yet not necessarily more useful) explanation.

Some examples include:

Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Storage Plant
The Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Storage Plant in Missouri was one of the largest stand-alone pumped storage plants before disaster struck.

Wow, what a great thing, this amazing feat of engineering was awesome … UNTIL DISASTER STRUCK. Then, yeah, we don’t talk about what happened afterwards.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Engineers learned a great deal when wind collapsed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Note to future engineers, it’s not that big of a deal if your stuff collapses, as long as you learn a great deal from it.

Presidential Engineers
Two U.S. Presidents had engineering backgrounds.

Hey, future women engineers, 2 out of 43 presidents (4.7%) have engineering backgrounds. Those two presidents, Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter, are often considered the most sucessful in US history. Also ignore the fact that 24 out of the 43 presidents have been lawyers and that 0 women have currently been presidents.

Draper Prize
The Draper Prize is the highest award given to specifically engineers.

Don’t worry future engineers, good english isn’t a necessity (even if you’re a specifically engineer). Trust me, I know!

There are also a number of great and environmentally friendly examples of engineering like:

The Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline – According to the fun fact, it “took $8 billion and two years to build.” [emphasis added] Can you imagine that, over 2 years to build something. I can’t imagine any other construction project that would take that long. Especially not something that cost, you know, 8 billion dollars.

Big Brutus – Apparently a giant electric shovel that is a marvel of engineering. It allowed strip mining at a rate of up to .22 miles per hour. Sadly, “in 1974, Big Brutus had to be shut down because its cost of operation was twice that of the value of coal it recovered.” Ahhh, another example of succesful engineering.

Berkley Pit – This was the largest truck operated open pit copper mine until it shut down in the 1980’s. Now, thanks to great engineering and the shutting down of the pumps that kept it dry, “water began entering the pit … creating a toxic lake.” Luckily engineers also get to try to solve the problems they create so, “Environmental engineers are now working to protect the public and to find some way to treat the water before it gets into the groundwater supply.” Hooray for potential groundwater contamination!

Seriously, this entire site is comedy gold (for further example see Squirrel Cage Jail and Menehune Ditch). I highly recommend it.

5 thoughts on “Ladies, I Present a Useful Site For Choosing a Career”

  1. Oh sweet chocolate Jesus.

    My wife is a mechanical engineer; I spent a couple of years in engineering school.

    I can’t imagine something less atractive to the people who become engineers than the tripe on this site. I’m going to send her the site; if nothing else, she and her fellow engineers will be able to make themselves sick.

    Although it certainly comes as no surprise to anyone working with tech writing that engineers are lousy at it.

    Also nice is the page of homework links with a solid block of uninterrupted text, and lots of sites listed, but no active links

    It’s gotta be satire, right?


  2. You’d think this has to be a joke but I saw a link to it in an actual article somewhere so I think it’s serious.

    It’s probably just some engineer kid’s summer project from a couple years ago that everyone forgot about.

  3. In case someone were to think donEATnachos is trying to say that women should not be engineers, they would be wrong. dEn is merely pointing out the ricockulous lack of meaningful examples on this site and the silly curlification of it. Why not throw some fucking ponies and rainbows on it while they’re at it? How about a Barbie example like “Did you know that Barbie was designed by a toy engineer and it took three structural engineers to design her bustline? The first two shirts designed for Barbie ruptured at the seams.”

  4. that is hilarious. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I think Taum Sauk “until disaster struck” is. But the “search this site” not working is pretty good too. Or maybe it’s Big Brutus. I can’t decide!

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