And I Wanted to Lose Weight When I Moved

Ok, this past weekend I’ve been hanging out in Madison, WI. I’m relocating out to the midwest because I missed brutal winters and driving by corn fields. Actually, no, I’m moving out here because I’m sick of having to come up with lame excuses when AG is DC.

Chuckles and fulsome have some experience with the State of WI but I’ve never been out here for extended periods. Basically, it seems that there are two things to do out here: drink and eat.

Judging by the insane number of microbrews drinking is pretty well covered. And judging by the food I’ve been eating all weekend, I’ll be dead about 3 months after moving out here.

Case in point, the item served at the Great Dane called the Great Dane Brat & Bacon Pretzel Burger. Consisting of unkown caloric value it’s described on the burger menu as:

A one-third pound USDA choice ground beef patty and a one-quarter pound bratwurst patty grilled with carmelized onions and topped with applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served on a pretzel roll with a side of Peck’s Pilsner mustard.

I think we can all imagine the awesomeness that would be eating this delicious treat (that is served with fries and was proceeded by an appetizer of fried cheese curds). I think the question now is, what can I find that will top it.

Maybe the #51 Mac & Cheese with Bologna Ring from the Old Fashioned? Described as: Mac & Cheese with Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar, crisp breadcrumb topping and a side of Fendts ring bologna

Actually, maybe you guys would be more interested in their Sunday special: #59 Scandinavian Style Chicken Dinner – half chicken on the bone rubbed with cinnamon, juniper and cardamom, grilled over a live fire and served with sausage and currant dressing, smashed red bliss potatoes, buttered parsnips and carrots.

I think I can already hear my arteries pre-emptively clogging …

9 thoughts on “And I Wanted to Lose Weight When I Moved”

  1. AG has been to Great Dane. AG has been hit on at Great Dane. AG is bored with Great Dane.

    Goddammit! Just come out and meet AG. I don’t bite and usually pick up a round or two!

    AG knows why you are moving to Madison. There could only be two reasons and the first is unlikely…

    When is moving day?

  2. Moving day is … June 29 or 30th … I’m not really sure. Somewhere around then though.

    I’m moving out to Wisconsin because I like dairy products and bitterly cold winters and was tired of being to close to current events.

  3. Haha, I had the same question when I saw it on the menu. I don’t know if it has to do with how it’s cut or how it’s stored or what. But it’s not a slice of bologna with a big hole in the middle. It’s more like a larger curved casing sausage.

    The way it’s served there is say that some sausage normally looks like a single parenthesis ‘(‘ before they’re prepared. I know that with the Mac & Cheese there the sausage is that cut in half lengthwise down the middle and put mirror image across from the other one. So it would be more like ‘()’ which is kind of a ring shape, so maybe that’s where it gets it’s name?

  4. Pinko, if you ever get to Madison when I am there, you won’t want to leave. We’ll start a porklave. Pork enclave? Pornclave? Anyway, we’ll raise organic pigs and cows and eat them. fulsome and dontEATnachos can come too.

    By the way, () looks dirty.

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