Butterstick Gets To Stay

I am pleased to be able to tell you that due to the crazy amount of money that the National Zoo makes off the cute little fuzzy bundle of joy, full body iphone 6 plus case they’ve managed to negotiate a deal to get Butterstick to stay a few more years. iphone 6 case crocodile This WaPo article gives more information than I feel like typing so check it out. iphone 7 silicon case black You do have to appreciate that they actually namedrop ‘Butterstick’ in the article. iphone 6 case plus Why’d we have to give him a lame Chinese name. shockproof case iphone 7 I’m sure there’s more that I could say about this but we’re all to lazy to post now.

4 thoughts on “Butterstick Gets To Stay”

  1. How did Fulsome make it through college? On extended deadlines?

    dEn, maybe we could go and see the ‘Stick with you and Chuckman when UC and AG visit the District. If AG doesnt’ move to San Fran in the next month or two, maybe during June?

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