Faith in Humanity (Somewhat) Restored!

This week I’ve been craigslisting a bunch of stuff. And as I noted in my earlier efforts in craigslisting my old TV craigslisting can be hard work. Tons of emails but no one comes by. If they do, then they then try to haggle you down to $10 for it. It can be infuriating.

This week, I’ve been listing basically everything I own though and even though I’ve gotten the usual number of emails about it, I’ve had two people actually come and buy stuff and both times they’ve come when they said they would and just handed me the cash right away AND DIDN’T EVEN HAGGLE.

Thank you kind and considerate people who don’t try to screw me out of even more money while I’m trying to give you a good deal. You are cool and I wish there were more of you. I even offer to help you load things into your cars when you do that.

Now if I could just find some more of these no haggle suckers for my other stuff, I’ll be rolling in the cash.


Well, I sold two more things but these guys both wanted $10 discounts. I can deal with that though. It’s better than getting nothing for it (which is what probably would have happened were it not for the beauty of craigslist).

If I can just sell 1 or 2 more things though, I’d be really happy.


Well, I suppose typical craigslist ended up winning in the end.  I had a guy who was supposed to buy some stuff from me get lost and not have my phone number (he ended up going to house number 206 vs. 306 on my street).  I had another woman who was interested in buying a rug and it took 3 nights of trying to schedule her to pick it until her father actually came over while I was at work.

I had another guy who called me twice about the mattress and said he’d come by Wednesday evening.  I told him if he didn’t come over before Thursday that I wouldn’t have it anymore because I was moving.  He called me back Friday asking about it.

Another woman who was going to buy some Ikea stands I had ended up sending her daughter over.  She wasn’t sure if they were the right color so they wanted to buy one, see if it matched, and if it did come back and buy the rest.

Of course there were still the random 15 people who all emailed me and expressed interest and never replied when I emailed them back.  So yeah, good job craigslist you win again!

8 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity (Somewhat) Restored!”

  1. No, I’m ACTUALLY just giving my stuff away. If you live in the DC area and want a free full size mattress/box springs/metal frame, some crappy Ikea table things, some floral patterned foot stools, or an old rug.

    Let me know, I think I have what you need.

  2. Some floral foot stools?!

    AG is going to keep her mouth shut. She is also going to wonder why she has heard rumor, but cannot confirm, that a certain dEn has commented at 3Fools recently. What? Potty mouthed RoD is too much blog for you?!

  3. The floral foot stools, totally awesome. Actually hand me down from my mom. And I don’t know which is worse, actually keeping them around or going to the trouble of get slipcovers for them or re-upholster them.

    Anyway, I’ve only got a couple things left so I can see the end rapidly approaching. Excellent.

  4. Well, I ended up getting $1800 for the TV (I actually sold it to a coworker). That’s $350 less than I paid for it (although I also got about $120 in credit for the purchase).

    But I don’t mind it too much since I’m not sure it would have worked in my new apartment anyway (since it has a fireplace on the wall I would probably have put the TV) so I now have a little more flexibility in that regard.

    And if I end up wanting to just buy it again, they’ve replaced it with a new model that is exactly the same except has a black bezel around the TV and that one is on sale at for a mere $2050 right now. So the cost of replacement here (and an additional 5 months that would be covered by warranty) would only be $250 which I can definitely live with–although I now wish I hadn’t bought it over the winter.

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