Food for Thought

I have been waiting (im)patiently for Pinko to post about the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) experience and he has finally done so. And he did so in a thoughtful and serious way that simultaneously impresses and disappoints me. peli iphone 6 case I am impressed because I think he manages to cover the taste sensation well but I am disappointed because I feel that the emotion and tableside discussions were given short shrift. iphone 8 vampire diaries case For example, he describes the apportioning of the food correctly: 3 plain pieces, 3 savory sauce pieces, 2 sweet pieces, and 2 spicy pieces. iphone 8 plus case tortoise He also correctly describes the full-on deliciousness of the chicken. esr glitter case iphone 8 plus He does not, however, describe the spirited debate and horrible chicken blasphemy that occurred during the meal. iphone 6 4 7 leather magnetic case He mentions, in passing, that he likes honey on fried chicken and would have liked more but does not discuss the nefarious attempts he made to reapportion the fried chicken so that on future orders he would get a disproportionate share. I was forced to loudly and vociferously defend my right to enjoy both spicy and savory chicken. He was befuddled by how someone could enjoy a delicious tomato sauce on fried chicken. I didn’t even try to explain the concept of ketchup because he was past the point of listening to reason. Regardless, he would have omitted this delicious taste sensational from his personal suite of flavors and thus deprived himself of a valuable set of flavor characteristics when you only get the savory sauce with the spicy overtone. iphone 7 case chelsea fc Stay tunedAdditionally, I feel that he has withheld information about the remainder of the evening from everyone and I am lodging a formal complaint. iphone 8 case trippy Unfortunately, I cannot actually tell you about the excluded portion of the evening because I (and this is my mistake!) hastily agreed to be blogger ethics signatory. So let this post stand as a flag planted in the internet to say that I will fight for the right of the internet to know about the other events that transpired that fateful evening and how they are, even now, slowly building to a force that may yet rock the ‘sphere to its very nonsensical foundations.

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  1. I’ll admit that I’m intrigued. Since the original post fulsome is referring to here happened a good 1.5 weeks ago (an eternity in internet time), I believe the statute of limitations has expired.

    So feel free to give the full sordid details.

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