Fun Activity For a Weekend

While I won’t have a chance to do much exciting this weekend (I’ll be spending most of my weekend engaged in out of town wedding festivities) I thought it might be a good chance to finally put up a post about the day trip I did last month to look for amphibians. Many people may not know this but the mid-Atlantic region has the highest salamander diversity on the planet. Spring and early fall are supposedly the best times to try to locate these little guys, so around easter, my gf and I headed down to Prince William Forest Park (even though the Virginia vernal pools are supposed to be better, I don’t own any waders and I didn’t really want to hang out in a swamp anyway) to see if we could find any. After some trouble getting there (Google maps is the new MapQuest–the bad directions combined with stupid Interstate 95 traffic managed to make a 35-40 minute drive closer to an hour and a half) we eventually hit the park and started looking for salamanders. mickey iphone 7 case While the general time of year was right, the conditions were not ideal. It had been fairly try for the past week or two and salamanders prefer foggy and damp conditions. iphone 6 case shockproof case blue Still, we heldout hope that we would at least find a couple in the many little creeks and streams in the park.

Looking for Salamanders

Basically the way looking for salamanders works is, you find a creek or stream and then turn rocks over. Sometimes there is a salamander there. zizo iphone 8 plus case More often you find bugs. We did get lucky though and found four or five salamanders.

A Nice Catch

In all, it was a pretty fun outing. iphone 7 phone case black and gold It’s certainly better than just randomly hiking around. iphone 8 plus phone case flamingo Goal oriented nature works for me. If you’re looking for a good way to spend a weekend you should definitely consider catch and release salamander hunting. iphone 8 plus case fluffy A few more salamander pictures in the full post.

5 thoughts on “Fun Activity For a Weekend”

  1. That sounds like a really fun trip and knowing your GF, I bet she had a ton of fun, too. If she really likes those rings, she might want to take them off to prevent scratching them too badly.

  2. Well, I made the ‘joke’ about eating the salamanders after we found the first one. “It looks delicious!”

    It does, in fact, look quite delicious. Perhaps a more colorful one would be tastier though.

    Either way, they weren’t really large enough to be more than some sort of salamander satay.

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