Goodbye Cruel Blogger!

Hey, I’m cross posting this for now between the new site and the old site because things are still kind of in development as far as getting everything working. Basically though, we’re in the process of moving from the old site to the site. iphone 8 white case A lot of this is due to Blogger upgrade and just being sick of having everything on someone else’s server. loopy case iphone 8 plus The import from Blogger to this was kind of a pain. lfc phone case iphone 6 Apparently new blogger isn’t going to be supported in the WordPress importer until 2.2 but they already have it online at kylie jenner iphone 8 plus case So to get around this, I had to make a temporary blog and 3 temporary users and import to iphone 8 shock absorber case Then I had to export from and import it into panda phone case iphone 6 plus In the end it seems to have worked out though. There are some new features I may be able to add soon (like getting categories working or a search bar) so we’ll have to see.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cruel Blogger!”

  1. Can’t get to what? Blogger or the new site? Cause this is the new site. It’s what we call a seamless transition.

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