Halloween is Nigh

Although I just had a great idea for a return of “The War on Christmas” posts of yesteryear, I (unlike the shopping centers around me) know that Christmas is still a long ways off. As a result, I’m going to be trying to make this post about something more thematically correct. iphone 7 phone cases cheap On Wednesday my GF and I carved some pumpkins. iphone 6 case with hole for logo Now, I’m not a huge fan of carving things (be it pumpkins, wood, ice sculptures, whatever) but my GF loves this stuff so I wanted to do something fun with her. paris phone case iphone 7 After the process all I can do is strongly urge you to avoid pumpkin guts. These are gross. iphone 8 cases spigen They smell bad, feel really weird and look disgusting. heavy duty iphone 6 rugged case All that said, here are the results.

2 thoughts on “Halloween is Nigh”

  1. I did not see it. IT does sound rad though.

    I guess I actually should have brought back the “Everyday Horror” feature. I’ve seen a few things that could have qualified.

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