How about you quit being jackasses, Activision?

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of games that I get to play with fake plastic instruments. I’ve been a Guitar Hero fan since the first one came out over a year and a half ago. In fact, we’ve got some pictures of the controller on the design for this very site. As you may also know, I bought a PS3 last winter and am a big fan of the machine. iphone 6 cover case black So when I found out that both GHIII and Rock Band were coming out for it this year I was pretty excited. The fact that I’d get twice the music fun and a couple new ways to play (and DRUMS!) I was really excited. So, after getting hooked on the demo for GHIII in late October, I bought the game at launch–I even went out at midnight and picked it up (since my girlfriend was sitting around playing Viva Pinata I didn’t have much else to do). Unfortunately, when Rock Band came out, I didn’t pick it up. Mostly since I still had one fake guitar game that I hadn’t gotten around to beating but also because I had heard that the PS3 GHIII guitar wasn’t going to work with it. That turned out to be true and I was glad that I hadn’t spent $170 on a game that I was missing a peripheral for. Then, last week I heard some good news. iphone 7 plus case with credit card holder Harmonix was going to release a patch to enable the GHIII guitar to work with Rock Band. This was definitely good news. Now, I could go out and buy the bundle when I was done with GHIII and get some new music game excitement. iphone 7 phone cases and protector Sadly the scheduled release date for the patch came and went and it was never released. I (among many others) started to wonder what had happened to this great new functionality. Well, it turns out that the culprit is Activision, the company that owns the rights to the Guitar Hero name and bought plastic guitar manufacturer RedOctane. Apparently, Activision (which will soon be the worlds largest video game publisher thanks to an upcoming merger with Vivendi Games to become Activision Blizzard) is afraid that their colored plastic guitar cash cow may go away and are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening … including being complete jackasses by threatening Sony to not actually release the Rock Band patch that enables compatibility. Supposedly they’ve threatened platform support on upcoming Activision titles (like Tony Hawk, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, etc.). Let me just be the level headed one here, Activision, and say that you guys are complete morons. I know you’d like to be the only plastic guitar game in town and it was a good run but you can’t hold onto a monopoly forever. Denying that and trying to lock people into your bullshit isn’t going to make it any better. iphone 8 plus black and gold case In fact, I’m now less likely to buy your future games with peripherals since I know that they’ll only ever work with your game. When I’m going to waste a bunch of money on a novelty peripheral, I’d like to know that if I wanted to, I could use it on almost any game. The fact that you seem to think a $50 device that I paid for should be useless unless I keep giving you money makes me think that you are jackasses. iphone x case camo And while right now this is only a PS3 issue, I’ve heard rumblings from a 1UP podcast that Activision is actually looking to break Rock Band compatibility from the GHIII controller on the Xbox 360 as well. So yeah, no matter what system you’re on, Activision would like to screw you over. Hope you guys like the fact that I’m not going to buy your crappy music game again (I’ve got an idea for a boss battle … it’s me giving you the middle finger). apple silicone iphone 8 case With your crappy downloadable content system (3 packs, really?), inability to get quick-play co-op in the game, the continued lack of a rhythm/bass career track included, and your complete misunderstanding of why Guitar Hero was fun … see Boss Battles you have managed to quickly run a great franchise into mediocrity. It takes real talent to do that AND make EA look like the good guys and yet somehow Activision, you’ve managed to do it. Bravo.

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  1. It takes real talent to do that AND make EA look like the good guys and yet somehow Activision, you’ve managed to do it.


    as someone oppressed by the Patriarchy, I don’t really have any desire to invest in these guitar games. Maybe I would feel differently if I tried it. They do have Wil Wheaton’s vote, which is a plus. call me conflicted.

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