Ladies’ Week Continues

Here at WRN, we embrace the world around us and celebrate its awesomeness. As you can see from the post yesterday, there are lots of positive things about being a WOMAN. Especially if you go into engineering. iphone x glitter case For Her Corn Cushion - SmallI know the question that you women readers are asking, “But if I’m an engineer, will I still be able to buy things that are pointlessly colored pink to try to appeal to me?” The answer of course is yes. iphone 6 case girls marble Don’t worry, just because you’re not actively discriminated against on internet career advocation sites doesn’t mean that there isn’t still that pervading sense that as a woman you somehow don’t need special things labeled ‘For Her’ and with nice pastel packaging with flowers on it. iphone 7 plus phone case mirror With that said, I present to you the latest revolution in foot care needs: Corn Cushions For Her. “But men and women’s feet are about the same. The only difference is in actual foot size, which wouldn’t have anything to do with a corn,” you say. iphone 8 star case You would be wrong. There is a world of difference that you are apparently not realizing. Don’t worry though, Dr. Scholl’s has you covered. apple case iphone 7 plus rose gold Now you can finally have a corn cushion that was designed with the special lady parts on your feet in mind.

7 thoughts on “Ladies’ Week Continues”

  1. What’s your girlfriend’s number, dEn? She is dating a total piglet. You have crossed over and joined the PP ranks.

    You are on AG’s list. This is not a good thing, buttercup.

  2. I’m not letting AG get to me, or at least I won’t let her get to me before the badger in her butt makes its way into something essential. Why does AG hate so much?

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