Lolcat Hughes

I can has sing Amerka I am teh darkr ktty. iphone 7 naruto case IM in yr kitchn Making yr dinner But I lol n eet gud n gro big Suun, iphone 7 grey phone cases IM in yr haos visitin yr frens. magnetic case for iphone 8 plus U noes dare tellz me “Eet in teh kitchn,” Then. iphone 8 plus personalised case glitter Bsidz, phone cases iphone 6 man utd They see hou prtty I am And be ashamed– I 2 can has Amerka.

3 thoughts on “Lolcat Hughes”

  1. Well, I actually like the weird bastardization of spelling because it seems like a horrible ridicule of h4XX0r sp33k.

    I like the subverting this thing that is to take something to it’s most rudimentary levels and expressing complex ideas (see plover’s post on programming) and that’s why i like the challenge of being poetic. Although I admit the bastardization of Mr. Hughes is maybe a cheap laugh.

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