New Features

Woo, this weekend I spent about 15 minutes not watching TV and made a few enhancements to the blog. I’ve now added categories that display at the bottom. car iphone 7 case I’m in the process of going through my old posts and adding categories to them. iphone 8 plus case marble I think I’m done through Feb. 2006. Only one more year to go. If fulsome or Chuckles ever feel like doing that then eventually we’ll get everything nice and organized. iphone 7 phone cases bulky I’ve also added a search bar on the right. mini cooper iphone 7 case It seems to work ok. salah phone case iphone 6 At the moment the site template doesn’t really look any different when viewing monthly archives, search results, or even the front page and that’s something I will work on at some point. tendlin iphone 8 case I also went through and cleaned up a number of the comments that got imported poorly (anyone who put their name and URL but not using a blogger account).