Radio Synergy

As I was completing the final leg of my journey in to work this morning, what should magically get chosen by those great KALX dj’s in the sky but Van Halen’s Panama. Ever in my mind since it’s appearance as SotD (ok, maybe not SotD, I can only find it referenced here but maybe somebody can correct me) not too long ago.

As it blared on the car stereo as I made my final approach to work, I felt like I was back in high school and cranked that radio up so everybody knew what kind of music I listen to and can be appropriately impressed. It is nice to have today marked off as a day that will be awesome. What can happen exactly to ruin today that won’t be counteracted by simply leaning back in my chair slightly and then jumping up and hearing those guitar licks race through my brain. Oh sweet, sweet guitar solos how you seduced us all so easily!

As a corollary to that, it has even made me feel slightly guilty for not going to the SF Air Guitar show last night. Not that Chuckles has begged, pleaded, cajoled, and commanded me to go in every way that he can manufacture. He is diligent and I respect that. Because perseverance is not something I always expect from him and so when he does that is usually a sign that there is some underlying quality that should be examined. Nevertheless, I blew it off for a dinner of delicious Chinese food (someday I will share the magical goodness of Hunan Smoked Pork but that will have to wait for teh l4m3 to show up!) and some good old fashioned pie-in-the-sky dream of how I will control the SF Music scene from my computer (bwahahaha). Oh, and then I went and saw the best junkyard blues band I have seen in SF (ok, maybe the only?), The Black Diamond Heavies (go here for an MP3 to saw your face off and they’ve got two songs at MySpace – one loud, one soft) totally blew me away. Hammond Organ and Drums and a growl to make Louie Armstrong swoon. I was wracked with indecision over whether to buy the album and came down on the side of cheap since I had just bought dinner for everyone apparently and gone to see the show.

The headliners, Or, the Whale, were decent. They have an alt-country sound but generally play upbeat songs that make me compare them to The New Pornographers for several reasons:

UPDATE: I need to more completely distance The New Pornographers from Or, The Whale. The New Pornographers are not really country at all while Or, The Whale employs banjos and accordians on occasion. However, I compare them with The New Pornographers for the reasons listed below.

1) Male lead sings/writes most songs
2) Secondary female lead that has a better voice
3) Six person band with one keyboard/multi-instrumentalist
4) Make infectious songs that have all the girls dancing

However, they don’t yet have the the overwhelming musicianship for the process to be effortless and have some musical depth. Their opening number was a nice balance of sounds and they let the female singer do one slightly more soulful song but the rest of their songs tended to sort of blur together in a lightly twangy, generally enjoyable sort of way.

Anyways, that was my night followed by a glorious morning and a day that is so beautiful I may have to play hooky for the afternoon. Rock on summertime! And somebody better fire up the grill!

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  1. Goddammit. I just ate dinner. Save me for Hunan!

    Hey, fulsome, sorry for forgetting to invite you to gay mud wrestling at the Eagle today. It was super fun and I know you would have loved it…

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