This Still Exists?

Do you ever hear something and say, “That sounds like a clever idea?” then never follow up. ted baker iphone 8 plus phone case Then when you think about it 6-12 months later and do follow up you find out it’s too late and it didn’t work out. That’s how I felt about RiffTrax, a site by Michael J. Nelson a writer and later a star on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I heard about it a while ago and said “that sounds interesting!” but then never bothered to follow up. cute girly iphone 6 case Today I’m reading TVSqad and I see that a new RiffTrax has been recorded with special guest contributor Niel Patrick Harris. iphone 7 phone cases for girls I’d assumed that RiffTrax had put out maybe a track or two or three and then quit. But when I visit the site I see that there are tons of tracks and that they put out a track almost every week and a half to two weeks. mous iphone 7 cases They also have expanded to include the guys from MST3K (although they’re not ‘in character’ it’s clearly Tom Servo). iphone 6 green day case I think I’m going to have to give this a try this weekend though. finestbazaar iphone 8 case There are certainly more than enough movies on the list that I own or could get from the ol’ double B. I’ve included a sample below so as to whet your appetite.

2 thoughts on “This Still Exists?”

  1. That clip was funny and makes me think that this is entirely worth it. I think I will download the Episode 2 track, should my internet connection at home ever work again.

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