TiVo Desktop = Infuriating

This wasn’t really the post I wanted to do but this thing won’t stop annoying me so I guess I’ll talk about it. As everyone knows by now I’ve got a TiVo (thanks to Fulsome). Anyway, I like it [although it’s not the HD one, it still is quite useful] and used to also enjoy the TivoToGo functionality. glitter iphone 6 case rose gold Unfortunately, for the last year I’ve been having sporadic success getting it to work. At one point last winter I’d gotten it working fairly reliably only to upgrade to a newer version (that had some more advanced download capabilities) only to have that break it. iphone 7 plus quote case Then at one point I sent my laptop in to get repaired and they reformatted the drive. iphone 6 charge case 10000 I took the opportunity to start fresh and installed TiVo Desktop and managed to get it working again. The same thing happened again though … at some point some upgrade came out that had a feature I wanted and now it’s not working again. thor iphone 8 case I’ve tried everything I can think of to get it to work. My firewall is disabled, all of my other network adapters are disabled (VPN, Wireless, Bluetooth) and I still can’t get it to find the TiVo’s on my network. It’s so infuriating because the only thing that doesn’t seem to work is the auto-discovery. I was talking to my dad over Thanksgiving and he’s got a Series 3 TiVo (which finally got a service update to allow TivoToGo on the HD models) and he’s having the exact same problems. We can easily browse the TiVo with my web browser and download shows that way. That’s not really an acceptable method though, I want to streamline the process so that I can queue them up and have stuff auto-get episodes. iphone 7 silicone phone cases rose As an added bonus, I’d like to transcode them out of encrypted TiVo format and drop them onto a network share that my PS3/Xbox 360 could then see and play. Right now, I think my solution may be to write my own custom app that goes and gets what I want (there’s another Java-based one called Galleon that I don’t really want to deal with). I’ve found that there’s an XML based way to interact with the TiVo so I’m taking the opportunity to try to write my own little C# thing to connect and queue/download shows from as many TiVos as I want without ever having to deal with the firewall hassles of the current setup. Who knows if I’ll ever finish it but it’s so annoying that I have to do this since TiVo won’t just let you manually specify an IP address for your TiVo box in the Desktop application. Anyway, if anyone else has encountered this problem and figured out a solution I’d really appreciate some feedback.

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  1. I ran some quick searches and I think I have figured out your problem. You have way too many sources of EM radiation in your apartment. I recommend Faraday cages for all of your appliances. Perhaps some new headwear as well.

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